Zhang Floors Wilder: Queensbury Dominate in Riyadh

Zhang Knockout Stuns Wilder: Queensbury On Top in Riyadh Showdown

In a night to remember at Riyadh’s Kingdom Arena, Zhilei Zhang delivered a stunning knockout blow to Deontay Wilder, solidifying Frank Warren’s Queensbury team’s dominance over Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing. This event not only showcased Zhang’s formidable prowess but also highlighted Wilder’s struggle to find his footing.

Zhang Dominates with a Knockout

Zhilei Zhang’s decisive victory came in the fifth round, where an explosive right hook floored Deontay Wilder, leaving the American heavyweight sprawling on the canvas. Wilder, who had already been knocked off balance by Zhang’s previous strikes, was unable to recover from the brutal finishing blow delivered by the Chinese powerhouse.

Throughout the bout, it was evident that Zhang had the upper hand. Wilder, despite his reputation for a lethal right hand, seemed out of sync and unable to mount a significant offense against Zhang’s relentless pressure.


Wilder’s Struggle

From the onset, Wilder appeared to struggle. In the second round, he was caught by a massive right hook from Zhang, setting the tone for the rest of the fight. The American’s attempts to regain control were thwarted as Zhang continuously pressed forward, suppressing Wilder’s attacks and maintaining dominance in the ring.

As the third round commenced, Zhang ramped up the pressure, leaving Wilder on the defensive. Despite Wilder’s attempt to rally by punching his own chest at the start of the fourth round, he was unable to land effective blows. Zhang’s superior tactics and power culminated in the fifth round when Wilder was sent spinning by a devastating right hand before crumpling to the floor after another powerful strike.

Queensbury’s Clean Sweep

The knockout victory by Zhang capped a remarkable night for Frank Warren’s Queensbury promotions, who completed a clean sweep over Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing. The night began with Willy Hutchinson securing a points victory over Craig Richards, with scores of 116-112, 117-111, and 119-109, giving Team Warren an early lead.

Next, Nick Ball claimed the WBA World Featherweight title by defeating Ray Ford via split decision, with scores of 113-115, 115-113, and 115-113. This victory solidified Warren’s dominance for the evening.

Hamzah Sheeraz added to the winning streak by knocking out Ammo Williams in the 11th round of their middleweight eliminator bout. Dmitry Bivol extended his perfect record to 23-0 with a knockout victory over Malik Zinad, his first since 2018. Finally, Daniel Dubois captured the interim IBF heavyweight title by stopping Filip Hrgovic in the eighth round, leaving Hrgovic with gruesome cuts above both eyes.

A Night of Bragging Rights

Frank Warren’s Queensbury team emerged victorious, not only in individual bouts but also in claiming bragging rights over rival promoter Eddie Hearn. Warren’s fighters displayed superior skill, determination, and strategy, culminating in a clean sweep that underscored Queensbury’s supremacy in this unique night of boxing in Saudi Arabia.

Deontay Wilder, once a feared name in the heavyweight division, could not rise to the challenge posed by Zhang. Wilder’s lacklustre performance and ultimate defeat marked a significant point in his career, raising questions about his future in the sport.

This night in Riyadh will be remembered not just for the stunning knockout by Zhilei Zhang, but also for the collective triumph of Frank Warren’s Queensbury promotions, firmly placing them on top.

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