Why Michael Chandler Should Fight Max Holloway Instead of Conor McGregor

Why Michael Chandler Should Focus on Max Holloway Instead of Conor McGregor

The MMA community remains abuzz with speculation over a potential Michael Chandler vs. Conor McGregor showdown. Originally slated for UFC 303 after their stint on The Ultimate Fighter in 2023, the bout was derailed by McGregor’s toe injury. However, it’s time for Chandler to pivot and seize a more immediate opportunity: a clash with Max Holloway for the BMF (Baddest Mother F****r) title.

Building on the New Spotlight

Michael Chandler epitomises the spirit of a BMF. His career, from Bellator to the UFC, is marked by a relentless fighting style that prioritises entertainment, even when he faced defeats against top-tier opponents like Charles Oliveira, Justin Gaethje, and Dustin Poirier. This brawler’s mentality makes him an ideal contender for Holloway, who thrives in stand-up battles.

Chandler’s respect for Holloway was evident when he remarked at a UFC 303 press conference that he wouldn’t mind a gladiatorial contest against him. As the UFC considers a featherweight rematch between Ilia Topuria and Alexander Volkanovski, a Chandler-Holloway bout in the lightweight division keeps both fighters relevant and in the spotlight.

Chandler’s Path to Dominance

Victory in a BMF title fight could significantly elevate Chandler’s status. Known for his eloquence and engaging personality, Chandler could leverage a BMF title win to negotiate high-profile fights. His impressive record, including wins over Patricky Pitbull, Eddie Alvarez, Benson Henderson, Dan Hooker, and Tony Ferguson, underscores his calibre.

With the BMF title in hand, Chandler could challenge lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, who has publicly dismissed the BMF concept. Alternatively, he could draw in other big names like Topuria, Volkanovski, or Brian Ortega. This victory would also likely attract McGregor, who has a penchant for taunting Chandler online.

Dana White’s advice against waiting for McGregor is sage. Chandler should heed this and instead, invest in securing the BMF title, thereby enhancing his marketability and bargaining power.

Holloway’s Gain from Fighting Chandler

For Max Holloway, a bout against Chandler offers substantial benefits. Holloway’s illustrious career includes a notable fight against McGregor in 2013, where McGregor emerged victorious. A win over Chandler would not only bolster Holloway’s resume but also potentially lure McGregor back into the octagon.

With a win against Chandler, Holloway positions himself as a top contender in both the lightweight and featherweight divisions. This victory would provide a compelling narrative for a rematch against McGregor, now that both fighters have evolved considerably since their last encounter.

Strategic Benefits for Both Fighters

A Chandler vs. Holloway fight is not just a thrilling matchup for fans but a strategic move for both fighters. Chandler gains an opportunity to command higher stakes and diversify his fight portfolio, while Holloway can reassert his dominance and attract marquee matchups, including a potential blockbuster with McGregor.

Ultimately, this fight offers a mutually beneficial path forward. Chandler can break free from the uncertainty surrounding McGregor, and Holloway can strengthen his claim as one of the UFC’s premier fighters, setting the stage for future high-profile bouts.

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