Usyk’s Dominance: Comparing AJ and Fury

Usyk’s Dominance: What’s Next?

Oleksandr Usyk has firmly established himself as a heavyweight powerhouse, toppling both Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury in recent historic bouts. His victories over these British giants have stirred the boxing world, setting the stage for intriguing future matchups. Let’s delve into Usyk’s dominance, the aftermath of his fights with AJ and Fury, and what lies ahead for the Ukrainian champion.

Comparing AJ and Fury

Usyk has a unique perspective on his opponents, having defeated both Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. After securing the unified belts from Joshua in September 2021 and successfully defending them the following year, Usyk recently triumphed over Fury, claiming the undisputed heavyweight world titles. Reflecting on these victories, Usyk humorously compared his rivals: “Anthony Joshua has classy boxing. Greedy Belly, my friend Tyson Fury. It’s like sparkling water, when you open it without shaking it’s good. If you shake it, it [blows]. Sparkling water is Tyson Fury and still water is Anthony Joshua. Tyson’s arms are like two metres, like a rope.”

Fury’s Disputed Loss

The clash with Fury was a monumental event, marred by controversy and delays. Despite Fury’s split decision loss, he remains adamant that he deserved the win. Fury’s belief in his victory has only added fuel to the competitive fire between these two titans. “I would say toughest fight, yes, but I think biggest punch, no,” Usyk remarked about Fury. When asked who hit him the hardest, Usyk surprisingly cited Derek Chisora: “Derek Chisora, very tough guy. With Derek, I don’t remember which hand if it was left or right but I would block it and it would be like a baseball bat.”

Future Challenges for Usyk

As Usyk basks in his recent triumphs, he faces new challenges on the horizon. After spending eight grueling months preparing for Fury, the Ukrainian champion is momentarily stepping back from the ring. However, the boxing world eagerly anticipates his next move, particularly the scheduled rematch with Fury, now set for December 21. This bout, initially expected in October, has been postponed, adding to the anticipation.

Usyk’s Undisputed Status at Risk

Usyk’s undisputed status is under threat, with the possibility of losing his IBF belt in the coming weeks. This potential setback arises from the governing body’s decision to have the title available for Joshua’s UK return in September. Usyk’s manager, however, is lobbying to keep all four belts on the line for the much-anticipated rematch with Fury. “We’re waiting for a decision to be made,” Klimas told Boxing Scene. “I think it’s more important for Tyson Fury now. Oleksandr, of course, is a two-time unified champion and if the next fight is just for the three belts, I don’t think it’s going to be fair for either of the two guys, either Tyson or for Oleksandr.”

The heavyweight division is poised for more drama as Oleksandr Usyk continues to solidify his legacy. With a potential rematch against Tyson Fury and the looming threat to his undisputed status, Usyk’s journey is far from over. Boxing enthusiasts around the world are keenly watching to see how these developments unfold and what the future holds for one of the sport’s most captivating figures.

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