Terence Crawford Becomes a Free Agent

Terence Crawford: Free Agent As Spence Rematch Clause Expires

In an unexpected twist in the boxing world, Terence Crawford emerges as a promotional free agent. This development follows Errol Spence’s decision to undergo cataract surgery, letting the contracted timeframe for a highly anticipated rematch lapse into oblivion.

Blow to PBC

In what could only be described as a less-than-ideal turn of events for Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), the news of Crawford’s newfound freedom coincides with another high-profile departure – that of Canelo Alvarez. ESPN’s Mike Coppinger reports a significant shake-up within the boxing promotion, spotlighting Crawford’s exit as a pivotal moment.

Awaited Rematch That Never Was

After Crawford’s emphatic victory over Spence last year, the buzz surrounding a potential rematch was palpable. Yet, despite the initial excitement and months of speculation, no concrete plans were ever put in place. Coppinger sheds light on the situation, revealing that Spence’s recent surgery was the final nail in the coffin for the rematch agreement.


Crawford’s Future Endeavours

With no promotional or network ties holding him back, Crawford is now at liberty to chase the fights he desires. Among the speculated possibilities was a bout against Canelo, though the latter has been notably lukewarm about the prospect, doubting the matchup’s benefit to his career.

The boxing community is abuzz with where Crawford might turn his attention next, with whispers of a move up to 154 lbs stirring the pot of speculation.

In the fluid dance of boxing politics and career manoeuvring, Crawford’s status as a free agent opens a new chapter. As we await his next move, one thing is clear: the boxing landscape is all the more intriguing for it.

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