Ringside Rivalry: Friends Buatsi and Azeez Face Off

Friendship and Rivalry: Buatsi vs. Azeez

Friendships Tested in the Ring

In the realm of professional boxing, personal relationships often intersect with professional rivalries. This dynamic is vividly illustrated in the upcoming bout between Joshua Buatsi and Dan Azeez. Speaking to The Independent, Buatsi candidly discusses the unique challenge of facing a friend in the ring. “Just imagine you’re fighting your mate – a good mate of yours,” he muses, painting a picture of a clash not just of fists but of familiarities.

A Tale of Two Boxers: Buatsi and Azeez

Buatsi, 30, and Azeez, 34, share more than just a friendship. Their boxing careers have mirrored each other impressively since turning professional in 2017. Both undefeated, they have carved their paths in the light-heavyweight division, with Buatsi securing the British title in 2019, following his Olympic bronze medal in 2016, and Azeez following suit in 2022. The upcoming main event at Wembley Arena is not just a sporting contest; it’s a convergence of two parallel journeys.


Setting Aside Camaraderie for Combat

As Buatsi prepares to face Azeez, the usual camaraderie takes a back seat. “That aspect [of our friendship] has changed, but that’s very natural, man,” Buatsi remarks, acknowledging the shift in their interaction. The fight, he understands, is business, a sentiment echoed in his laughter when considering the irony of their situation. It’s a professional boundary that both fighters are navigating, setting aside personal feelings for the sake of competition.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

This matchup comes after a postponement in October due to Azeez’s back injury, an event both fighters and promoter Ben Shalom described as “devastating.” Buatsi reflects on the frustration and the resilience required to overcome such setbacks. “It was a hard pill to swallow, but none of [the training] has gone to waste,” he asserts, embodying the spirit of a dedicated athlete.

Buatsi’s journey is not just about boxing. During his amateur career, he pursued a degree in Management and Sports Science, a decision driven by a desire to balance sport with education and to set an example for young athletes. “There weren’t many boxers that had a degree, so I said to myself: ‘If I can go to uni and still compete at the Olympic level, I can show that it can be done, so other people can do it as well,’” he explains. This commitment to education is a testament to Buatsi’s character and determination, attributes he brings to the ring.

Buatsi’s Roots and Reflections

As Buatsi prepares for the fight, he finds solace in his Ghanaian roots, a place that holds his earliest memories and life lessons. His fond recollections of Ghana – the culture, the weather, and the life lessons – offer him a sense of peace and grounding. Buatsi’s connection to Ghana is deep, and it’s a significant part of his identity, one that he carries into every fight.

The bout between Buatsi and Azeez is more than just a contest for a title; it’s a narrative of friendship, rivalry, resilience, and identity. As Buatsi and Azeez step into the ring, they bring with them a story that transcends the sport – a tale of two friends who must temporarily set aside their bond in pursuit of professional glory. Whatever the outcome, their relationship is poised to enter a new chapter, one forged through the unique crucible of boxing.

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