Report: Wales’ Newest World Champion Dominates in Cardiff

Lauren Price’s Triumph: A New Chapter in Welsh Boxing History

Lauren Price marked her territory in the annals of boxing history by becoming Wales’ first female world champion, a monumental achievement celebrated at Cardiff’s Utilita Arena. Her victory not only places her among Wales’ illustrious pugilists but also heralds the arrival of a formidable talent in the welterweight division.

Stellar Performance in Cardiff

In a bout that was as much about strategic finesse as it was about physical prowess, Price dominated the ring, showing why she is considered one of the most promising talents in boxing today. Her opponent, the seasoned Jessica McCaskill, could not continue past the ninth round due to an accidental clash of heads that left her compromised. Until that point, Price had been winning decisively on all judges’ cards, underscoring her dominance with each round.


From Olympic Gold to Professional Glory

Price, a 2020 Olympic gold medalist, has transitioned flawlessly into professional boxing, showing an adaptability and skill set that belies her relatively brief professional tenure. Her victory in Cardiff wasn’t just another win; it was a statement. “This has got to be up there with winning a gold medal,” Price reflected post-fight, emphasizing the significance of this victory in her burgeoning career.


Building a Legacy

The path to this world title has been anything but conventional for Price. Her journey is a narrative of ambition and perseverance, having declared her intentions to reach the pinnacle of multiple sports as early as eight years old. Under the tutelage of Rob McCracken, Price has refined her technique and ring craft, showing maturity and tactical acumen that many veterans would envy.

Her dedication to her late grandparents, who raised her, adds a poignant layer to her triumph, making her victory in Cardiff not just a personal success but a homage to her roots and upbringing.

Challenges Ahead

Looking forward, the welterweight division offers no respite. With formidable competitors like Natasha Jonas, Sandy Ryan, and Mikaela Mayer, Price’s reign as champion will be rigorously tested. However, her performance against McCaskill has sent a clear message to her rivals: she is not here merely to participate; she is here to dominate.

The bout in Cardiff was more than just a fight; it was a celebration of Welsh sporting prowess, witnessed by a passionately supportive local crowd and iconic Welsh athletes. Price’s entrance to the tune of the Welsh football anthem, surrounded by symbols of national pride, encapsulated the evening’s significance not just for her but for Welsh sports.

A Bright Future for Welsh Boxing

As Price looks to the future, her ambition is clear: to create a lasting legacy in women’s boxing. With one world title now under her belt, the stage is set for her to build on this success. Her skill, determination, and the ability to rise to the occasion suggest that this is merely the beginning of what could be a legendary career.

In the words of Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom, “Boxing has a new superstar.” Indeed, as Lauren Price continues to blend her remarkable athletic talents with a fierce competitive spirit, the world of boxing should be prepared for many more nights like this.

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