Report: UFC Star Plans Major Comeback in New Weight Class

Alexander Volkanovski Eyes Lightweight Challenges While Awaiting Featherweight Title Shot

In the intricate dance of combat sports where opportunities can be as volatile as the fights themselves, Alexander Volkanovski is not one to sit idly by. The former UFC featherweight champion is actively seeking new challenges in the lightweight division as he awaits another chance to reclaim his featherweight crown.

Volkanovski’s Shift in Focus

After losing his featherweight title to Ilia Topuria at UFC 298 and a preceding defeat to Islam Makhachev, Volkanovski finds himself at a professional crossroads. The UFC’s suggestion for a brief hiatus after these intense encounters has only sharpened his hunger for competition. With Topuria set to defend his title against Max Holloway, Volkanovski’s eyes are now set on the 155-pound division’s elite.


Seeking High-Profile Lightweights

During a recent appearance on the FREESTYLEBENDER podcast, Volkanovski expressed his dual desire: to regain the featherweight belt and to engage in significant bouts in the lightweight category. Initially, Volkanovski planned a return later in the year but has since recalibrated his timeline, eager to step back into the octagon as early as 2024.

“I want an exciting fighter like a Charles Oliveira,” Volkanovski shared, signalling his readiness to take on top contenders. His admiration for fighters like Dustin Poirier is evident, acknowledging both Poirier’s character and the competitive allure he brings to the table. “He’s a great dude. We get along. I think he’s a good man and he’s obviously a big, fun fight. There’s still history there with mutual opponents. He used to fight at featherweight, things like that, and obviously a big name – fun fight, that would be. So that’s exciting.”


Awaiting Featherweight Opportunities

While Volkanovski remains committed to his featherweight ambitions, his strategic pivot to the lightweight division highlights his adaptability and commitment to staying active in the sport. His resolve is clear: only meaningful fights interest him as he maintains his elite status across weight classes.

“Charles Oliveira, there’s a lot of exciting fights that I would love to do while I’m waiting as well. So yeah – just whatever excites me. The belt excites me. Ilia, obviously, rematch excites me. So that’s the main thing in the featherweight. I wouldn’t just fight anyone in featherweight because my next fight’s for the title, and that’s that.”


As Alexander Volkanovski navigates the complexities of his career trajectory, his strategic outlook and choice of potential opponents reflect a fighter not just chasing titles but also seeking the thrill and challenge that only the best in the world can offer. Whether it’s a rematch for the featherweight title or a significant clash at lightweight, Volkanovski’s next steps are sure to captivate the fighting world.

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