Report: UFC Star Criticises Featherweight Champion’s Credentials

Conor McGregor Criticises Ilia Topuria, Predicts Holloway Victory

Conor McGregor, the outspoken former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, has recently aired his opinions on current featherweight titleholder Ilia Topuria, predicting that Max Holloway will dominate Topuria in a potential bout. McGregor, never one to hold back, also commented on Topuria’s ambitious financial goals, dismissing them as unrealistic.

McGregor’s Return and Featherweight Commentary

Set to make his return to the octagon on June 29th at UFC 303 during International Fight Week, McGregor will face Michael Chandler in a welterweight match. Despite not competing in the featherweight division since his title win against Jose Aldo in 2016, McGregor remains vocal about the featherweight landscape and its key players.

Criticism of ‘Non-Champion’ Ilia Topuria

In a recent livestream with Duelbits, McGregor labelled Topuria a “non-champion” and questioned his legitimacy as a titleholder. Drawing a controversial comparison, McGregor likened Topuria to his former teammate Artem Lobov, with whom he has had a legal dispute over his Proper 12 Whiskey brand. “F*** (Topuria) too. Don’t give a f*** about him either, he reminds me of a little reards Artem Lobov, Topuria does. Two little reards,” McGregor stated bluntly.

Holloway vs. Topuria: McGregor’s Prediction

Discussing a hypothetical fight between Topuria and Max Holloway, McGregor predicted a decisive victory for Holloway. “Holloway is too light, too fast, I think Holloway picks him apart if they fight. Holloway has done it, he’s had that featherweight title for a long time, and he’s now the BMF. Topuria, for me, is a non-champion. He might have a strap, but it’s meaningless in my opinion,” McGregor opined.


Topuria claimed the featherweight title from Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298 in February, but McGregor appears unimpressed.

Aspirations and Realities

Topuria has made headlines with his bold claim that he will become the highest-paid athlete by 2025, a notion McGregor quickly dismissed as “silly.” “He’s talking about being the highest-paid athlete in 2025. The 2025 highest-paid athlete list begins right now, so that means he’s going to rake in $200-300m. Don’t be silly lad. Just a stupid little fool,” McGregor retorted.

Comments on Volkanovski

Not stopping at Topuria, McGregor also took aim at former featherweight champion Volkanovski. “F*** (Volkanovski). F*** him too. I’d have kicked his head clean off his shoulders and that’s a fact,” McGregor declared confidently.

Future Prospects

Amidst rumours of a Topuria-Volkanovski rematch at UFC 305 in Perth, Topuria has suggested a potential inaugural UFC event in Spain, with Max Holloway likely to be his challenger. This potential match-up adds another layer of intrigue to the featherweight division and its future.

Conor McGregor’s return and his forthright opinions continue to stir the UFC pot, keeping fans and fighters on their toes. His comments on Topuria and Holloway not only spice up the discourse but also set the stage for future high-stakes bouts in the featherweight division.

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