Report: Rising Star Set to Transform British Boxing Landscape

Hamzah Sheeraz: Emulating Icons and Inspiring the Next Generation

As Hamzah Sheeraz prepares for his upcoming bout against Tyler Denny, he stands on the precipice of not just a career-defining fight but also a chance to solidify his place as one of Britain’s most promising middleweights. Sheeraz’s journey, enriched by advice from boxing legend “Prince” Naseem Hamed, is a narrative woven with ambition, heritage, and potential.

Mentorship from a Prince

Sheeraz, only 25, finds himself echoing the steps of Naseem Hamed, a figure synonymous with flair and ferocity within the squared circle. “Prince Naseem was one of them,” Sheeraz recounted, reflecting on the influences that shaped his career. His conversations with Hamed have transcended typical mentorship, offering a profound impact that Sheeraz carries into each fight.


During their discussions, Hamed emphasized the jab as a crucial tool—advice that Sheeraz took to heart in his previous fights, visualizing the jab as Hamed described. “You wanna picture snapping his head back, straight over with that jab,” Hamed advised a technique that Sheeraz successfully executed, showcasing his growing tactical acumen.

Rising Through the Ranks

The fight on September 21 at London’s Wembley Stadium is more than just a stepping stone; it represents Sheeraz’s transition from a national talent to a potential international icon. With victories over formidable opponents like Liam Williams and Austin “Ammo” Williams, Sheeraz has demonstrated a level of skill and poise that suggests he’s ready for the global stage.

If victorious against Denny, Sheeraz is poised to challenge for the WBC middleweight title by 2025, a timeline that sees him chasing world championship glory in a similar fashion to Hamed. Such a parallel not only highlights Sheeraz’s potential but also cements his role as a torchbearer for British boxing.


A Cultural Ambassador

Sheeraz’s success resonates deeply within Britain’s Muslim community, drawing parallels with Hamed and Amir Khan, two of the most notable British boxers of South Asian descent. His visibility and achievements have made him a role model, inspiring young fans who see in him a reflection of their aspirations.

“It’s almost like a pinch-myself moment,” Sheeraz expressed, acknowledging the surreal nature of his influence. His engagements, such as the ones at the Pakistan embassy in Saudi Arabia, underscore his burgeoning role as an ambassador not just in sports but also in cultural diplomacy.

Future Aspirations and Legacy

Beyond his immediate fight, Sheeraz has grand plans, both for himself and for the future of British boxing. He aims to nurture the next generation of South Asian fighters, leveraging his platform and experiences to provide pathways similar to those afforded to him by his promoter, Frank Warren.

Furthermore, Sheeraz contemplates a potential bout against Chris Eubank Jr., a fight that would not only be a significant British middleweight clash but also a pivotal moment in his career. “Especially if it’s going to be in England—a massive British middleweight domestic dust-up against boxing royalty. I can’t ask for better, can I?” he mused.

As Sheeraz prepares under the watchful eyes of trainer Ricky Funez and legendary coach Joe Goosen in Los Angeles, his journey is more than just about personal triumphs. It is about carrying forward a legacy of excellence and becoming a beacon for young fighters dreaming of greatness.

In his narrative, we see not just a fighter, but a story of resilience, mentorship, and hope—a narrative that could define British boxing for years to come.

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