Report: Promoter Rules Out Rematch After Heated Fight

De La Hoya Dismisses Prospect of Haney-Garcia Rematch

In the aftermath of a highly charged WBC super-lightweight title bout, Oscar De La Hoya has effectively shut down any hopes for an immediate rematch between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia, despite the contested circumstances surrounding their first encounter.

Garcia Triumphs Amid Controversy

Ryan Garcia emerged victorious from the clash with Devin Haney at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, achieving a majority decision win that marked the first professional defeat for Haney. Garcia’s win was punctuated by three knockdowns, underscoring his dominance in the ring, despite the weight controversy that preceded the fight.


Weigh-in Woes

The pre-fight build-up was marred by Garcia tipping the scales at 143.2 lbs, which was 3.2 lbs over the junior welterweight limit. This breach of the weight agreement not only resulted in a $1.5 million penalty for Garcia but also meant that Haney retained his title by default, adding a layer of complexity to the outcome.

Haney Seeks Redemption

Following a period of reflection, Haney broke his silence on social media, acknowledging Garcia’s superior performance while highlighting the weight discrepancy as a significant factor. “Ryan, despite the circumstances, was victorious that night, and that’s fine. I do feel like weight played a role in it, but only Allah knows,” Haney expressed. He added, “I would love to run it back and give the fans a FAIR fight within an agreed weight.”

Despite Garcia initially agreeing to a rematch, De La Hoya’s recent remarks have dashed these plans. Responding to Haney’s post, De La Hoya stated, “Good luck with Eddie [Hearn], but there will not be a rematch. Good luck in your career and good luck with Eddie, a European promoter trying to make it in the US.” This comment not only closes the chapter on a potential rematch but also highlights the tense promoter dynamics at play.

As Haney returns to his personal life and spiritual commitments, the boxing community is left pondering what could have been, had the scales—and perhaps the negotiations—tipped differently.

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