Report: Pro Comments Stir Controversy Post-Fight

Canelo’s Dominance Continues with Munguia Victory

Canelo Triumphs in Vegas

In the neon glow of Las Vegas, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez reaffirmed his status as a boxing titan by defending his undisputed 168lbs title against Jaime Munguia. The battle, hailed as a testament to Canelo’s unyielding prowess, saw him tactically dismantle Munguia’s ambitious multi-punch assaults with clinical precision.

Munguia’s Challenge and Canelo’s Tactical Response

The challenger, Munguia, embarked on an aggressive start, aiming to unsettle Canelo with a barrage of combinations. Despite this, the seasoned champion remained unshaken, countering with impeccably timed shots. The pivotal moment arrived in the fourth round when Canelo sent Munguia crashing to the canvas with a sharply executed right uppercut, shifting the momentum decisively in his favour. The judges’ scorecards (117-110, 116-111, 115-112) subsequently sealed his victory by unanimous decision.


Stevenson’s Take on Canelo vs. Crawford

Despite Canelo’s compelling victory, Shakur Stevenson, the WBC lightweight world champion, took to social media to express his views on a potential clash between Canelo and Terence “Bud” Crawford. “Hellavu fighter Canelo is,” Stevenson tweeted. “Still think Bud beats him.” Crawford, reigning as the current pound-for-pound champion, has conquered the super-lightweight and welterweight divisions, yet he has never competed in the super-middleweight class that Canelo currently dominates.

Speculation on a Canelo-Crawford Showdown

Rumours had swirled about a possible matchup between Canelo and Crawford prior to the Munguia fight. Nonetheless, Canelo has seemed reluctant to entertain the idea, focusing instead on challenges within his weight class. When pressed about the potential bout, Canelo’s response was a firm “No,” underscoring a hesitation to engage with a lighter opponent like Crawford due to the disproportionate risk and reward. “Yes, but they’re going to criticise me… and that’s it, they love it,” Canelo explained, reflecting on the criticisms he faced when fighting opponents like Jermell Charlo, who moved up in weight.

Canelo’s disinterest in a fight with Crawford highlights the complexities of boxing politics and public expectation, where every match carries not just physical but reputational stakes. Meanwhile, Crawford himself commented on Canelo’s latest performance against Munguia, suggesting that Canelo had the upper hand throughout the fight: “Look like Canelo carried him the whole fight!” he remarked on X.

In the grand tapestry of boxing, each fight weaves a new layer of legacy, and Canelo’s recent win over Munguia not only cements his reign but also stirs the pot of fan speculation and anticipation for what is yet to come.

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