Report: Major Rematch to Transform Women’s Boxing

Taylor vs. Serrano: The Rematch Set to Ignite Texas on 20 July

The stage is set for a historic rematch in the world of boxing as Katie Taylor, the undisputed light-welterweight champion, prepares to face Amanda Serrano once again. This eagerly awaited encounter is scheduled for 20 July at the AT&T Stadium in Texas, promising to be an event that could redefine women’s boxing.

Epic Rematch Anticipated

Katie Taylor’s previous bout with Amanda Serrano was nothing short of a classic, making waves as one of the greatest light-weight fights in the history of women’s boxing. Now, as Taylor has ascended to become the undisputed champion at light-welterweight, she faces Serrano once more in what is described as a dream rematch. “This is the rematch the world has wanted to see,” Taylor expressed, recalling their first fight in New York as an “epic occasion” and anticipating a similar spectacle this time around.

Serrano’s Journey and Comeback

After her narrow loss to Taylor, Serrano, a seven-division world champion, did not step back but instead climbed her way up to become the undisputed featherweight champion. With only two losses in her career, one of them against Taylor, Serrano is determined to prove her mettle. Despite typically advocating for longer fight formats to align with male standards, she has agreed to a 10-round fight, each lasting two minutes, specifically for this rematch. Serrano herself highlighted the significance of this battle, saying, “I promised my fans they would see this rematch after we made history at MSG and it feels like a dream come true.”


High Stakes and Historical Significance

The rematch between Taylor and Serrano isn’t just another fight; it’s a milestone in women’s sports. Their first face-off at Madison Square Garden was a landmark event, being the first time two female fighters headlined in such a prestigious venue. With their upcoming bout positioned as the co-main event alongside Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson, the evening is expected to attract a massive audience, potentially setting new records in viewership and attendance. The fight will also benefit from global exposure through Netflix, making it accessible to its vast subscriber base at no additional cost.

A Battle of Titans in Texas

Taylor and Serrano are not just fighting for titles but are also battling for their legacy. Taylor, who has already secured her place in history as one of the few fighters to become the undisputed champion in two weight classes, faces a formidable opponent in Serrano, who became Puerto Rico’s first undisputed champion in the four-belt era. Serrano, stepping up as the underdog due to the weight class, is eager to avenge her previous narrow loss, asserting, “I believe I won our first fight, but I didn’t get the decision, so this time I’m not leaving it to the judges.”

Conclusion: A Gift to Boxing Fans Worldwide

This rematch transcends the ordinary, bringing with it the potential to inspire and draw in new fans to the sport of women’s boxing. As Mike Tyson aptly put it, witnessing Taylor and Serrano in the ring is a “true gift to fans,” underscoring the excellence and passion both fighters bring to the sport. As the countdown to 20 July begins, the world waits in anticipation, ready to witness another epic chapter in the annals of boxing history.

With the stakes higher than ever and the world watching, Taylor vs. Serrano is poised to be more than just a fight; it’s a celebration of skill, determination, and the spirit of boxing.

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