Report: Joshua Not Waiting for Fury, Sets Sights on Dubois at Wembley

Anthony Joshua Eyes the Future: No Waiting for Fury

Joshua’s Determination Ahead of Wembley Showdown

Anthony Joshua, one of Britain’s premier heavyweights, is set to face Daniel Dubois for the IBF world title on September 21 at Wembley Stadium. This matchup is crucial for Joshua, not just for the title but as a potential stepping stone to a much-anticipated bout against Tyson Fury. According to BBC Sport, Joshua expressed a strong desire to fight Fury while both are still at the peak of their careers, emphasizing the urgency of making this heavyweight clash happen sooner rather than later.

The Long-Awaited Fury Fight

The potential super-fight between Joshua and Fury has tantalized the boxing world for years, repeatedly stalling in negotiations. However, with recent investments in boxing, particularly from Saudi Arabia, there’s renewed hope that this blockbuster event will finally come to fruition. “It’s a fight that’s been brewing for a long time,” Joshua told BBC Sport, highlighting his readiness to engage Fury in the ring and his unwillingness to delay his career waiting for this matchup.

Staying Active and Competitive

Joshua’s career has been marked by high-profile battles and a constant spotlight, something he acknowledges but doesn’t shy away from. After losing two consecutive fights to Oleksandr Usyk in 2022, his resolve remains unshaken. “The only time it’s over for me, at any level, is when I say it is,” Joshua stated, asserting his place at the top of the boxing hierarchy. His upcoming fight against Dubois at Wembley—a venue that saw him triumph over Wladimir Klitschko in 2017—is a homecoming of sorts and a chance to prove he still belongs at the pinnacle of the sport.

Respect for Dubois

Despite being the favourite, Joshua respects the capabilities of his opponent, Daniel Dubois, who claimed the IBF ‘interim’ title in June and was elevated to world champion following Usyk’s vacating of the title. Joshua praised Dubois’ skills, noting his mindset, aggression, and well-rounded technique. This approach reflects Joshua’s thorough preparation and awareness that no fight is a guaranteed win, emphasizing that he will not underestimate Dubois when they meet.

The upcoming months are pivotal for Anthony Joshua. Not only does he face a significant challenge in Daniel Dubois, but the prospect of finally clashing with Tyson Fury looms large—should both secure victories in their respective bouts. Joshua’s career has always been about more than just winning titles; it’s about securing a legacy. As the boxing world watches closely, the pressure is on, but Joshua seems more than ready to rise to the occasion and remind everyone why he belongs at the top of the world’s heavyweight ranks.

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