Report: High Stakes Drama as Former Partners Clash

Liam Smith on His Rift with Ben Shalom

Upcoming Showdown at Wembley

In a highly anticipated event set for Saturday, 21st September, Liam Smith is scheduled to face Josh Kelly at Wembley Stadium. This match is a highlight of the Riyadh Season, which features an impressive lineup of bouts, including a title fight between Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois for the vacant IBF World Heavyweight Title. Updates on this blockbuster event can be found regularly online.

Smith’s Return to the Ring

After nearly a year away from professional boxing, 35-year-old Liverpudlian middleweight Liam Smith is poised to make a comeback. Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing has hinted at an audience capacity push at the national stadium to make this potentially the largest crowd ever at a British boxing event. This move has the boxing community buzzing, with comments expected from figures like Carl Froch.


Breakdown in Relations

Smith, now a free agent after parting ways with BOXXER, revealed in an interview with JNMEDIAUK his complete dissociation from Ben Shalom, the CEO of BOXXER. Smith stated, “I’m not with Ben [Shalom] and I certainly won’t go back with Ben either. I was a free agent, I got offered fights off Frank [Warren], Eddie [Hearn] and for this card. This card was the one that made a load of sense to me.”

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Disappointment and Dismay

Smith’s relationship with Shalom took a hit after his experiences post-fights with Chris Eubank Jr. Despite a victorious start with a TKO against Eubank in their first encounter, the dynamics changed after a defeat in the rematch. Smith conveyed his disappointment, noting, “I beat Eubank, he [Shalom] asked me to go for a meal the next day. I lost to Eubank, I’ve never heard from him since.” The stark contrast in treatment post-victory versus post-defeat underscores the tensions that led to their split.

The culmination of their relationship saw Smith openly criticizing Shalom, following an initial period of what seemed like a promising partnership. His words in the interview were unfiltered as he expressed his final thoughts on Shalom, describing him harshly.

Smith’s upcoming match against Kelly, broadcasted live on Channel 5, will be his chance to return to form and move past the controversies. As the boxing world watches, Smith’s resilience and focus will be as much a part of the narrative as the punches thrown in the ring.

This event not only promises great action but also marks a significant moment in Smith’s career trajectory as he navigates the complexities of professional relationships in the competitive world of boxing.

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