Report: Heavyweight Boxing Icon Invites UFC Star to Switch Sports

Anthony Joshua Encourages UFC Champion Alex Pereira to Consider Boxing

In the world of combat sports, transitions between disciplines are not uncommon, but they are always intriguing. Recently, Anthony Joshua, a name synonymous with heavyweight boxing, reached out to UFC light-heavyweight champion Alex Pereira with a compelling suggestion: step into the boxing ring.

A Champion’s Dialogue

After Pereira’s impressive title defence against Jiri Prochazka, which added another knockout to his growing list of achievements, Joshua took to social media to express his thoughts. “Alex Pereira should make a boxing debut one day,” Joshua stated, igniting discussions across both boxing and MMA communities.

Pereira, who has risen rapidly within the UFC ranks since his debut in 2021, responded with both humility and a hint of curiosity. “I’m honoured you think so,” he replied to Joshua, adding, “It’s always been my dream – [but] I’m 37, I cannot make a career in it, so who do you recommend I fight?” This exchange not only highlights the mutual respect between the two champions but also Pereira’s openness to exploring new challenges.


The Lure of Boxing

Joshua’s encouragement didn’t stop at a mere suggestion. He advised Pereira that “the options are endless,” urging him to consult his management about a possible shift to boxing. This isn’t just idle talk; the path from MMA to boxing has been trodden recently by notable fighters like Francis Ngannou, who faced both Tyson Fury and Joshua in the ring. Ngannou’s move was partly motivated by boxing’s lucrative fight purses, an allure that might tempt Pereira as well.

A Possible Heavyweight Future?

Pereira, originally a kickboxer before his stint in MMA, has already hinted at moving up to heavyweight after conquering the light-heavyweight and middleweight divisions in UFC. His striking prowess could potentially translate well into boxing, offering fans another crossover star to rally behind.

As combat sports continue to evolve, the interaction between different fighting styles becomes more fluid. Pereira’s consideration of Joshua’s proposal could lead to another fascinating chapter in this ongoing interdisciplinary saga, adding to the spectacle that fans crave and further blurring the lines between MMA and boxing.

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