Report: Grudge Match to Settle Controversial First Fight

Josh Taylor Vows to ‘Destroy’ Jack Catterall in Anticipated Rematch

A long-awaited rematch between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall is set to ignite the First Direct Arena in Leeds, UK, this Saturday. This showdown promises to be a decisive encounter following their controversial first bout.

Revisiting the Controversial First Fight

In 2022, Josh Taylor, then the undisputed super lightweight champion, narrowly escaped with a split-decision victory over Jack Catterall. Despite Catterall outlanding Taylor 120 to 73, many spectators and analysts believed Catterall deserved the win. However, an immediate rematch was derailed when Taylor relinquished his titles and suffered a torn plantar fascia, causing their scheduled February 2023 fight to be cancelled.


The Road to the Rematch

Instead of facing Catterall (28-1, 13 KOs), Taylor (19-1, 13 KOs) took on Teofimo Lopez Jr. in June, losing his WBO 140-pound title. This loss shifted Taylor’s focus back to Catterall, and the much-anticipated fight was set for April 27. However, a new challenge emerged when Taylor sustained an eye injury in March, necessitating a medical procedure and delaying the bout.

Now, with both fighters fit and ready, the rematch is finally set for May 25.

Taylor’s Determination and Confidence

Taylor has expressed his strong motivation and disdain for Catterall, stating, “It’s a big fight in the UK. I am motivated for this fight, and I don’t particularly like the guy. I want to shut his mouth and put him back under his rock and move on with my career.”

Reflecting on their first encounter, Taylor acknowledged his subpar performance, declaring, “[The first fight] was a terrible performance, and that’s being generous. It was crap. I need to improve on everything from that fight. That Josh Taylor will never show up as long as I box. I am going to destroy Jack Caterall in absolutely every single department.”

Taylor is adamant about proving his prowess and silencing critics, adding, “I want to close the negativity and the cloud of doubt that is hanging over me. I want to shut it down and put it to bed and move on.”

Looking Beyond Catterall

Taylor, known as “The Tartan Tornado,” looked far from his best in his loss to Lopez. Now, the 33-year-old southpaw is determined to dominate Catterall and pave the way for a rematch with Lopez.


“That’s a fight I would like to do again in the future because I believe that the best of me is beating Teofimo Lopez,” Taylor remarked. “I’ve been in there with better fighters. I’ve been in there with guys that are more clever than him and whack harder than him as well. Me fighting on all cylinders, I beat the guy.”

Taylor reflected on his fight with Lopez, recognising his shortcomings: “The first three rounds were going my way and then the old legs went and I was tired. I didn’t get a second wind. He was better than me on the night. The better man won. I always fancied fighting Teofimo Lopez, and at the Madison Square Garden against another top fighter for a world title. So it was a dream ticked off in the bucket list. It didn’t go my way, but it was still a good experience in my life and career.”

The Final Countdown

As the rematch looms, Taylor’s confidence and determination to “destroy” Catterall in every aspect of the fight are palpable. With both fighters eager to settle the score, the First Direct Arena is set for an electrifying night of boxing. Fans and analysts alike are keen to see if Taylor can deliver on his promise and reclaim his status as one of the top dogs in the sport.

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