Report: Fury Undercard Loses Top Contender

Jalolov’s Intriguing Journey: From Controversy to Paris 2024

A Shift in Plans for Jalolov

Bakhodir Jalolov, the Uzbek heavyweight contender, is now conspicuously absent from the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk undercard set for May 18. Initially slated to feature, as reported by TalkSport, Jalolov’s plans have pivoted dramatically. He will now face Agron Smakici, the very sparring partner responsible for Fury’s postponing injury, in a separate event on April 14. This change suggests a strategic redirection for Jalolov, possibly linked to his ambitions for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The Controversial Clash of Amateurs and Pros

Jalolov, with an imposing record of 14-0 (14 KOs) in professional boxing, has had a career marked as much by triumph as controversy. A defining moment came at the AIBA World Championships in September 2019. Here, as a rising pro, he delivered a knockout to Richard Torrez, then an amateur. This event, vividly highlighting the ongoing debate about the safety of pros competing in amateur events, saw Torrez stretchered from the ring, sparking a heated discourse within the boxing community. “Brutal and criminal,” declared WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman on Twitter, encapsulating the outrage many felt.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champion

Jalolov’s journey is not defined solely by controversy but also by his extraordinary achievements. The 28-year-old won Olympic super-heavyweight gold at Tokyo 2020 and is on track to defend his title. This ambition speaks volumes about his skill and dedication to the sport, bridging the gap between his amateur success and professional accolades.


Paris 2024: A New Arena for Debate

As Jalolov redirects his focus towards the Paris 2024 Olympics, the controversy surrounding his participation in amateur boxing re-ignites. His formidable presence in the ring, coupled with his professional experience, will undoubtedly add an intriguing layer to the Olympic games. It raises the perennial question: should professional boxers be allowed to compete against amateurs?

In conclusion, Bakhodir Jalolov’s career trajectory is as fascinating as it is controversial. While his absence from the Fury vs. Usyk undercard is noteworthy, it’s his return to the amateur arena that will undoubtedly attract attention and perhaps reignite debates about the nature of competition in boxing. With his eyes set on Paris 2024, Jalolov’s journey in the ring continues to captivate and provoke discussion among boxing enthusiasts and experts alike.

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