Report: Froch Reacts to Billion-Dollar Boxing Shake-Up

Carl Froch Responds to Prospects of a New Saudi Boxing League

Froch Weighs In on Revolutionary Boxing Proposal

Carl Froch, the former four-time super-middleweight world champion, has voiced his thoughts on recent rumours swirling around Turki Al-Alshikh’s ambitious plan to transform the boxing landscape. Reports suggest Al-Alshikh, a prominent Saudi figure, aims to consolidate major boxing promotions under a single league reminiscent of the UFC’s model. This monumental shift would ideally streamline major matchups, ensuring the sport’s top fighters face off more seamlessly.


Scepticism Over Feasibility

While the idea theoretically proposes a streamlined approach to orchestrating bouts that fans crave, Froch expressed significant reservations on his YouTube channel. He highlighted the complex personal dynamics and entrenched interests within the sport that might hinder such a transformation. “Absolutely, it would [change the landscape of boxing]. How much money has he got? Five billion! It’s just some serious Bunsen burner [money]. Would Oscar De La Hoya, Al Haymon, Frank Warren, and Eddie Hearn sell their business in boxing? I think that they would be a part of something that could be bigger and they could all maybe agree if the money is right, and it sounds right at five billion quid.”

The Passion Behind the Promoters

Froch further delved into the personal passions that fuel the leading figures in boxing, suggesting that for many, the sport is not just a business but a significant part of their identity. “Oscar De La Hoya is doing his own thing, Eddie Hearn loves boxing and he is in the game because he is passionate about it. Without boxing, without being a boxing promoter, what is Eddie Hearn? What has he got? It is his identity, his passion in the sport,” Froch noted, emphasizing the depth of commitment that might prevent key stakeholders from relinquishing control.

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Potential Impact on Boxing’s Economy

The discussion also touched on the economic implications of such a league. Froch pondered whether a unified structure could equitably distribute financial rewards, especially given the current earnings disparity among boxers. “The heavyweights make so much money, individual people in boxing make the bigger money, look at Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather for example – making far more than everybody else. If everyone was in one pot, I don’t know how they would split it up and get it to work.”

Despite his doubts, Froch acknowledged that the successful implementation of a boxing league would be a spectacle worth witnessing, particularly in terms of financial logistics for the fighters involved.

What’s Next?

As the boxing community awaits further developments, all eyes are on Turki Al-Alshikh’s next move, particularly the anticipated announcement of the Anthony Joshua card at Wembley Stadium. With a press conference scheduled for Wednesday, June 26th, more details are expected to emerge, potentially shedding light on the feasibility and progress of this bold initiative.

These discussions and rumours mark a potentially pivotal moment in boxing, one that could redefine how the sport’s narratives and battles are crafted and consumed. Whether this vision can be realized remains to be seen, but it certainly has the boxing world talking.

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