Report: British Boxing Rematch in Leeds Has High Stakes

Stakes High for Taylor vs Catterall Rematch

In Leeds this Saturday, the British boxing landscape braces for one of the most anticipated rematches in recent memory. Josh Taylor will meet Jack Catterall in a bout that, while not contested for any belts, carries immense significance for both fighters. The controversial nature of their first encounter only amplifies the stakes, with reputations and career trajectories hanging in the balance.

The First Encounter: A Controversial Night in Glasgow

The first bout between Taylor and Catterall, held in February 2022, ended in controversy. Despite many observers feeling that Catterall outboxed Taylor, the Scottish fighter retained his four light-welterweight world titles. Carl Frampton, a former two-weight world champion and a close friend of both fighters, shared his perspective with BBC Sport: “Jack will feel it was unjust and he should have had the decision.”

Frampton highlighted the unexpected challenge Catterall posed. “A lot of people had Josh winning the fight easy, and I had Josh as favourite as well, but I was saying ‘Jack Catterall is no mug’. He’s amazing in the gym, so good to watch, so although I was picking Josh I never thought for a second it was going to be an easy fight for either man.”

Reflecting on Taylor’s performance, Frampton suggested complacency might have played a role. “I think there probably was a bit of complacency from Josh. When the whole world is telling you it’s an easy fight – you start to believe it yourself and maybe take your eye off the ball a bit. That might have been what happened.”

Taylor’s Current Form: Questions and Criticisms

Since that fateful night, Taylor has faced significant criticism, with many questioning the decision that allowed him to keep his titles. He has fought only once since then, losing to Teofimo Lopez in June last year. This has led some to speculate whether Taylor, now 33, is past his prime. “That is the question and I suppose we’ll know the answer after the fight with Jack,” Frampton noted.


Frampton, who trained alongside Taylor, remains a staunch admirer. “Genuinely, Josh Taylor is one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen. I used to train and then quickly get away from the gym, but I always made a point to stay and watch Josh’s sessions if he was sparring because I always loved what I was watching. But I did that with Jack Catterall as well.”

Despite his admiration, Frampton acknowledges the questions surrounding Taylor’s current form. “There are questions around Josh. He’s been in hard fights, he’s been around a long time and age catches up with everybody. I’m not saying that’s the case, all I’m saying is we’ll know after the fight.”

The Bitter Rivalry: A Clash of Personalities

The build-up to the rematch has been marked by intense rivalry and a clash of personalities. The original fight’s fallout saw a war of words between the two fighters, exacerbated by social media and traditional media channels. Terms were initially agreed for a rematch in February 2023, but Taylor withdrew due to injury, leading to further delays.

The promotional events leading up to this bout have been fiery, with both fighters expressing their disdain for each other. Frampton, who trained with Catterall in the later stages of his career, observed: “Jack is a bit more laid back; Josh is 100 miles an hour. Josh is a good guy, as is Jack, but there is definitely a lot of animosity.”

Despite the apparent dislike, Frampton believes there might be a begrudging respect between the two. “I watched the head-to-head they did together and they both said they don’t hate each other. Not necessarily that they like each other but they don’t hate each other. I don’t know if I believe that, I think both of them probably do hate each other a little.”

Career Implications: Win or Bust

For both Taylor and Catterall, the outcome of this fight will significantly shape their future in the sport. Catterall, still feeling the sting of what he believes was an unjust decision in their first bout, is determined to right that wrong. Victories over Darragh Foley and Jorge Linares have kept him in the spotlight, but only a win against Taylor will propel him towards the world title shot he craves.

Taylor, on the other hand, is fighting to prove he still belongs at the top. He has expressed ambitions of moving up to welterweight and becoming a two-weight world champion, but such dreams hinge on a victory this weekend.

Frampton encapsulated the gravity of the situation: “Whoever wins, there’s massive fights to come. I think the options are endless really. Where does the loser go? It could be retirement. I never like to say stuff like that, but at the stage both guys are at in their careers, it’s quite possible.”


The rematch between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall is more than just a fight; it is a defining moment for both athletes. With personal pride, professional legacy, and future opportunities on the line, the bout in Leeds promises to be a pivotal chapter in British boxing. As the fighters prepare to step into the ring, fans and pundits alike will be watching closely, eager to see who will emerge victorious and what the future holds for both men.

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