Report: Boxxer Signs Top Fighter for Epic Showdowns

Eubank Jr Aligns with Boxxer, Eyes Landmark Bout with Alvarez

Strategic Signing with Boxxer

Chris Eubank Jr, the illustrious British boxer, has inked a significant deal with the promotional entity Boxxer. Fresh off his victory against Liam Smith, Eubank Jr is not just riding a wave of triumph but steering his career towards even greater heights, eyeing encounters that resonate with boxing’s grand tapestry.

Targeting Boxing Titans

Having recently dominated in his rematch against Smith, Eubank Jr has set his sights on what could be described as boxing royalty—Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Terence Crawford. These prospective bouts are not just fights; they’re monumental events that could redefine Eubank Jr’s career trajectory. “There are big fights in the pipeline and these guys can make it happen. This is a partnership. I have the freedom and the leeway to work how I want to work, which is very rare,” Eubank Jr expressed his enthusiasm about the strategic alliance with Boxxer and promoter Ben Shalom.


Anticipated Showdown with Alvarez

The buzz around a potential showdown with Alvarez, the reigning WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF super-middleweight champion from Mexico, is palpable. Eubank Jr believes this is the clash that boxing aficionados are clamouring for—a battle where he will not shrink back but instead challenge Alvarez with relentless aggression. “It’s a fight I think I could win. The fans want to see Canelo in with guys who are going to press him, who are not going to back down, who are not going to shy away and crumble under the pressure,” he stated, confident in his approach to what many would see as a daunting opponent.

Future Prospects and Pay-per-view Stardom

With the backing of Boxxer and Shalom, Eubank Jr’s path is lined with promise and potential pay-per-view spectacles. “We’ve had the privilege of working with Chris on some massive fight nights in the UK, and there will be plenty more to come in the UK and worldwide,” Shalom remarked. The partnership aims to catapult Eubank Jr into more high-stakes matches, underscoring his status as a bona fide pay-per-view star.

Eubank Jr’s strategic move to align with Boxxer marks a pivotal phase in his career, as he not only seeks to expand his legacy but also to captivate the global boxing audience with epic battles that resonate well beyond the ring.

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