Report: Boxing Promoter Demands Bout Result Nullification

Eddie Hearn Voices Out: Haney’s Fight Against Garcia Should Be Declared No-Contest

In a recent development that’s stirring the boxing community, Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Devin Haney, has vocally expressed that the bout between Haney and Ryan Garcia last month should be regarded as a no-contest. This assertion comes on the heels of Garcia’s failed drug test, which revealed traces of ostarine, a prohibited substance.

Failed Test Raises Questions

The controversy began when Garcia tested positive for ostarine in two separate pre-fight drug tests. Ostarine, known for its performance-enhancing properties, has been at the centre of sports ethics debates. Adding fuel to the fire, Garcia had already faced criticism for weighing in three pounds over the agreed 140-pound limit before his April 20 encounter with Haney. Despite these setbacks, Garcia managed to secure a majority victory, knocking down Haney three times during the match.


Haney’s Stand on Integrity

Hearn relayed Haney’s sentiments during an interview on the “The Stomping Ground” YouTube channel, highlighting the fighter’s frustration and demand for justice. “I spoke to Devin Haney last night,” Hearn disclosed. “In his mind, he’s absolutely furious. [Garcia] came in three and a half pounds overweight and had performance-enhancing drugs in his system. [Haney] will want the contest to be an immediate no-contest, for that to be scrubbed off the card, but we will see what happens.”

Implications for Garcia and Golden Boy Promotions

The spotlight now turns to Ryan Garcia and his promotional team, led by Oscar De La Hoya at Golden Boy Promotions. They face the formidable challenge of proving Garcia’s innocence or the circumstances leading to the drug test failure. Hearn, seasoned in navigating similar situations with fighters like Conor Benn and Dillian Whyte, is all too familiar with the rigorous process involved. “The facts are, [Garcia] had performance-enhancing drugs in his system when he fought Devin Haney,” Hearn added. “Now, how they got there is over to him and Golden Boy. For two years I’ve had these questions about Conor Benn, and Conor Benn was in a boat where he had to go through three hearings, go through so many processes, and I tell you what, I hope that Ryan and Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy have the resilience to deal with what is coming.”

The Path to Vindication

As the boxing world watches closely, the pressure mounts for Garcia to clear his name. He must convincingly demonstrate to the New York State Athletic Commission the innocence of his actions—whether through demonstrating unawareness of ingestion or pinpointing contamination. Hearn sums it up poignantly: “You won’t get it from me, because I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to have that hearing. But right now, and this is how boxing works, you are guilty until you’re proven innocent.”

With the integrity of the sport on the line, the outcome of this dispute will not only define the careers of those involved but also potentially reshape boxing’s regulatory landscape.

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