Report: Boxer Sheds Seven Stone with Marathon Runs

Liam Cameron’s Remarkable Transformation Through Marathon Running

Former Sheffield boxer Liam Cameron turned a period of adversity into a triumphant comeback story, shedding a staggering seven stone by embracing marathon running during his suspension from boxing.

From Suspension to Marathon Success

Liam Cameron’s boxing career took an unexpected turn in 2018 when he received a four-year ban after testing positive for a banned substance. This setback spiralled into a period of significant personal challenges, including battling addiction and excessive weight gain. By early 2020, Cameron had reached a critical point, weighing over 20 stone and consuming a bottle of vodka daily.

Running Towards Recovery

In an effort to reclaim his health and find new purpose, Cameron began running half marathons twice a week. “I was doing half marathons twice a week, just enjoying running,” Cameron shared with Mirror Fighting. This new regimen not only provided him a way to combat his weight but also became a source of personal enjoyment and a method to cope with his struggles. His most gruelling challenge was completing a 100-mile run with a friend, a feat that he described as “horrible,” but incredibly effective for weight loss. The run also served a charitable purpose, raising funds in memory of his late step-daughter, Tiegan.

A New Chapter in Boxing

Cameron’s journey of transformation and resilience saw him return to the ring significantly lighter and more focused. From a peak weight of 20 stone, he dramatically reduced to just over 12 stone. His comeback to the sport has been marked by determination and success, securing three wins since his return last year.

Tonight, Cameron faces Lyndon Arthur in Bolton, broadcasted live on Channel 5. Despite Arthur’s recent defeat to light-heavyweight world champion Dmitry Bivol, Cameron remains cautious but optimistic about his chances. “I just can’t look past this, it’s not really something I can do. I would be stupid to do that,” he remarked.

Reflecting on Personal Growth

Reflecting on his past experiences and the changes he has made, Cameron acknowledges the profound impact of his journey on his personal development. “Possibly, what happens to you shapes you doesn’t it? I don’t know, but it’s something that I never thought could happen to me,” he stated.

Liam Cameron’s story is one of overcoming significant personal and professional obstacles through sheer will and physical endurance. His shift from boxing to marathon running not only revitalized his physical health but also reshaped his approach to life and competition. As he steps back into the ring, his story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of resilience and transformation.

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