Nick Ball’s Quest for WBC Title Against Old Rival Vargas

New Champion Nick Ball Eyes Old Rival Rey Vargas’ WBC Title

Liverpool’s Nick Ball is riding high after his recent triumph, capturing the WBA featherweight title with a split decision victory over Raymond Ford. Now, the new champion has his sights set on an old rival, Rey Vargas, aiming for a rematch that could see him claim the WBC title.

A Night to Remember in Saudi Arabia

Nick Ball’s victory over Raymond Ford was nothing short of spectacular. The 12-round bout in Saudi Arabia showcased Ball’s tenacity and skill, ultimately leading to his coronation as the WBA featherweight champion. The fight was a close contest, with Ball having to dig deep to secure the win.

“I had to dig deep to get the job done and I knew that’s what it would take,” Ball reflected on his hard-fought victory. “There was no way I was going to go home without the belt again, it would have taken something special to beat me tonight.”

Pursuit of the WBC Title

Ball’s attention now turns to Rey Vargas, the WBC boss who held him to a draw in their previous encounter in March. Many observers believed Ball deserved the decision over Vargas, and the new champion is eager to prove his point once more.

“I am coming for my belt,” Ball declared, referring to the coveted WBC strap. “Everyone knows it’s my belt, the green and gold.”

The desire for redemption and the quest for the WBC title adds another layer of excitement to Ball’s journey. The memory of the previous draw with Vargas is a powerful motivator for the Liverpool fighter.

Overcoming Challenges

Raymond Ford proved to be a formidable opponent, pushing Ball to his limits. Despite struggling early on, Ford managed to land a powerful left hand in the seventh round, bloodying Ball’s nose and mounting a strong comeback.

“He caught me with a good shot,” Ball acknowledged. “He’s really tough and a good boxer but I feel like it was only one round, maybe two [when Ford was in the ascendency], then I was back in control. I felt good in there, I enjoyed it.”

Ball’s resilience and determination shone through, as he managed to regain control and secure the victory, even with the heartache of the previous Vargas decision still fresh in his mind.

Uncertainty in the Ring

Despite his strong performance, Ball was not entirely confident in the judges’ decision. The uncertainty inherent in boxing made him wary of the outcome.

“With boxing you never know, you can never be sure,” Ball said. “I was taking shots on the gloves, they were not going to stop me.”

Nick Ball’s journey is far from over. With his first title defence on the horizon, the new champion is determined to solidify his position and claim the WBC title from his old rival, Rey Vargas. The boxing world will be eagerly watching as Ball continues to make his mark in the featherweight division.

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