Joshua vs Ngannou: Hearn Confirms ‘No Rematch Clause’

Eddie Hearn on Joshua’s Future and Ngannou’s Challenge: An Inside Look

Rebuilding Confidence and Eyeing New Challenges

Eddie Hearn, in his interview with Seconds Out, delves deep into the dynamics of professional boxing, particularly focusing on Anthony Joshua and the emerging heavyweight sensation, Francis Ngannou. Hearn’s candid conversation reveals the intricacies of the sport and the mental fortitude required at its highest levels.

2023 was a pivotal year for Anthony Joshua, as Hearn emphasises. Describing Joshua’s current form, Hearn says, “I think he’s right there. I think you know he’s in the form of his career.” This statement underscores Joshua’s impressive comeback, highlighted by a string of successful fights within a year. Hearn’s acknowledgment of Joshua’s activity in the ring signifies the importance of consistent competition in maintaining form and confidence.

Ngannou Factor

Discussing the unique challenge posed by Francis Ngannou, Hearn reveals his strategy for Joshua. He admits the mental pressure in facing an individual like Ngannou, who possesses a size advantage. Hearn’s strategy involves making Ngannou work hard in the ring, believing that it’s possible to exhaust him. However, he cautions, “when you try and force the pressure, he’s going to be dangerous because he throws with you and one shot can turn a fight.” This insight from Hearn demonstrates the delicate balance between aggression and caution needed against a powerhouse like Ngannou.

Eddie Hearn expresses excitement about the potential outcomes of Joshua’s journey, especially with the prospect of becoming the Undisputed Champion. He quotes, “I said to AJ before the head-to-head, you know, two wins, and you’re Undisputed Champion.” This vision for Joshua’s future highlights the importance of the upcoming fights, elevating their significance beyond mere victories.

No Room for Error

The interview further delves into the high stakes involved in Joshua’s next fights. Hearn admits feeling nervous, especially considering the looming opportunity to fight the winner of Fury vs. Usyk. His candidness about the risks involved in boxing, especially when facing a heavy puncher like Ngannou, reflects the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Hearn also touches upon the evolving landscape of professional boxing, mentioning collaborations with Queensberry Promotions. He expresses enthusiasm for the planned Matchroom vs. Queensberry show, indicating a refreshing change in the competitive world of boxing promotions.

Future Plans and Upcoming Fights

Looking ahead, Hearn discusses the trajectory of Conor Benn’s career and the potential matchups for Joshua, including a fight with Hrgovic for the IBF mandatory. These insights provide a glimpse into the strategic planning behind a boxer’s career trajectory.

In conclusion, Eddie Hearn’s interview with Seconds Out offers a comprehensive look into the world of professional boxing, highlighting the challenges, strategies, and excitement surrounding Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou. Hearn’s expertise and insights provide a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of this demanding sport.

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