Joshua-Fury Showdown: Waiting Until 2025?

The Wait for Joshua-Fury Clash Extends: Insights from the Boxing World

The eagerly anticipated all-British heavyweight showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury might not grace the boxing world until March 2025. This insight comes from the esteemed promoter Frank Warren, shedding light on the timeline and the heavyweight boxing scene’s dynamics. According to John Dennen’s report on Sky Sports Boxing, the delay owes much to the packed schedules and significant bouts lying ahead for both pugilists.

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Fury’s Packed Schedule and the Usyk Challenge

Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, is set to face Oleksandr Usyk in an undisputed championship fight on May 18. This bout marks a historic event, being the first four-belt era contest of its kind. Warren, who co-promotes Fury alongside Top Rank, anticipates Fury to enter the ring twice this year, with a strong possibility of both matches against Usyk. This development sets the stage for an intense rivalry and a testament to the sport’s competitive spirit. “One of them is, definitely!” Warren confirms, highlighting the high stakes and significant purses involved in these fights.

Joshua’s Path and the Potential Mega Clash

Anthony Joshua, on the other hand, faces his journey back to the top. Following a stunning knockout victory over Francis Ngannou, Joshua’s prowess remains undeniable. His call out to Tyson Fury, “Let’s do a deal,” underscores the mutual interest in a historic fight. Warren’s perspective paints a hopeful picture for March 2025, contingent on both fighters continuing their winning streaks. “Next March if Tyson does what I believe he’ll do and AJ continues to win, I’m sure that’ll set up a big fight,” Warren told Sky Sports.

The Possible Venue: A Nod to Historic Fights

Interestingly, the Joshua-Fury clash might not unfold within the UK but could be destined for Saudi Arabia. Warren’s reflections on iconic bouts like the Rumble in the Jungle and the Thriller in Manila draw parallels to the potential financial and historical significance of the Joshua-Fury fight being held abroad. “That’s what happens. Because they went where the money is,” Warren explains, underscoring the economic realities and the global appeal of such landmark events.


An Interim Challenge: Joshua vs. Dubois?

While the boxing community awaits the Fury-Usyk outcomes and the eventual Joshua-Fury spectacle, Warren hints at another compelling matchup for Joshua. Daniel Dubois, coming off a decisive victory over Jarrell Miller, emerges as a potential contender for Joshua. This matchup not only keeps Joshua active in the heavyweight title scene but also promises an exciting all-British affair that fans would eagerly anticipate. “I’d love to see that fight,” Warren expresses, highlighting the appeal of domestic rivalries in boxing.

In conclusion, the boxing landscape is set for thrilling developments as it navigates through high-profile fights and the build-up to the ultimate Joshua-Fury clash. The strategic moves, significant challenges, and potential venues paint a vibrant picture of the sport’s current state and its future. As the fighters prepare for their upcoming battles, the fans await, hopeful for a clash that could define an era in British boxing.

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