“It’s a Disgrace” – Tony Bellow Slams Verdict as Jack Catterall Beats Josh Taylor

Tony Bellew Outraged at Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall Scorecard Verdict

In a fiery spectacle that gripped the attention of the boxing community, Tony Bellew expressed vehement dissatisfaction with the judges’ scorecards in the recent clash between Jack Catterall and Josh Taylor. The rematch, held at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, ended in Catterall avenging his previous controversial defeat to Taylor with scores that many found unexpectedly wide.

Scorecards Stir Controversy

During the broadcast, Bellew didn’t hold back, slamming the official scores that read 117-111, 117-111, and 116-113 all in favour of Catterall, known in the boxing circles as ‘El Gato’. “The judges are gonna cloud Catterall’s moment,” Bellew argued on the DAZN broadcast. “I had it a really close fight. That 117-111 twice is a disgrace. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

The decisive scores have sparked debate across the sport, especially considering the contentious nature of their first bout. Many were startled by the margin, especially given how closely matched both fighters appeared throughout the bout.

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Insights on Early Rounds and Judge’s Perspectives

Early on, the scorecards reflected a strong start for Catterall, who was seen leading significantly in the initial rounds. Not all judges were in agreement about the progression of the match; while some scorecards suggested a dominant early game for Catterall, others like Kieran McCann’s, indicated a more evenly matched battle as the rounds progressed.

Despite the disparities, the least controversial score came from Lee Every, marking the fight closer at 116-113, a perspective that aligns more closely with various expert analyses, suggesting a more balanced encounter.

Calls for a Trilogy Amidst Dispute

The fallout from this bout has led to calls for a third, deciding fight, hinting at a potential trilogy to conclusively settle the rivalry. Catterall himself seemed ready to move on, having felt vindicated by the night’s outcome. In his post-fight reflections, Catterall conveyed a mix of relief and resolution. “It’s bittersweet tonight. No world titles, [but] I won the fight. We can close that chapter with Josh Taylor,” he declared.

Furthering his stance, Catterall added, “I believe I won the fight, I took more risks this time. Josh is an elite operator. I boxed smart. Even in the second half of the fight, the rounds when I was more reserved, I was controlling the pace.”

Boxing Community Reactions

The broader boxing community and key figures like Top Rank promoter Bob Arum have also voiced their disapproval, echoing Bellew’s criticisms. After the fight, Arum made his displeasure abundantly clear, climbing into the ring to lambast the scoring, “Those scorecards were a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. I really feel sorry for Josh, I thought he won the fight. Those scorecards were ridiculous.”

His final words carried a stern warning and a vow of retribution: “I will never, ever allow an American fighter to come here with the British Board scoring the fight. Those scores were ridiculous.”

In a match that has clearly left the sports world divided, the debate over the judges’ decision continues to fuel discussions on sportsmanship, fairness, and the integrity of boxing scoring systems. As discussions unfold, the possibility of a third encounter looms, potentially offering both fighters another chance to prove their mettle.

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