Ian Garry Underwhelmed by UFC 297 Showdown

Ian Garry’s Candid Take on Strickland’s UFC 297 Performance

Garry’s Disdain for Strickland’s Showing

Ian Garry, the emerging name in the UFC welterweight division, didn’t mince words while dissecting Sean Strickland’s recent middleweight title fight at UFC 297. In a bout that saw Dricus Du Plessis clinch victory by a split decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-48), Garry found both fighters’ performances underwhelming. The Irish MMA star’s critique extended to Strickland’s technique, which he compared unfavorably to Robert Whitaker’s.


The Feud Escalates

The tension between Garry and Strickland has been brewing, exacerbated by Strickland’s personal attacks on Garry’s relationship due to their age difference. Strickland’s mockery, which labeled Garry a ‘cuck’, sparked a fiery response from the Irish fighter. In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), Garry unleashed a volley of scathing retorts, signaling the feud’s intensity.

Assessing Strickland’s Technique

Garry, known for his sharp analytical skills, was candid in his assessment of Strickland’s striking. As he watched the UFC 297 main event, he expressed doubt over Strickland’s ability against Du Plessis, who had previously overpowered Whitaker. Garry’s critique didn’t hold back, labeling the fight as akin to watching amateurs, with a lack of technical prowess on display.

“I hope Sean gets sparked unconscious,” Garry remarked, underscoring his lack of faith in Strickland’s capabilities. “There is no way I would have ever bet against Du Plessis losing this fight considering he mauled Robert Whittaker, and Sean Strickland isn’t half the fighter Robert Whittaker is.”

Garry’s Personal Battles and Future Aspirations

Beyond the octagon, Garry has faced his share of challenges, particularly on social media. Enduring relentless criticism aimed at both him and his wife, he found himself at the center of controversy, spearheaded by Strickland’s negative campaign. Despite the welterweight-welterweight discrepancy, Garry is keen on eventually facing the 185-pound Strickland, demonstrating his readiness for a future showdown.

Looking forward, Garry is slated to face Geoff Neal at UFC 298 on February 17th in Anaheim, California. A win here could catapult him into the welterweight top 10, aligning with his ambitions to take on Colby Covington and eventually confront Strickland.

In conclusion, Ian Garry’s candid critique of Sean Strickland’s performance at UFC 297 reflects not only his analytical prowess but also his determination to rise in the ranks of UFC’s welterweight division.

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