Hearn: Eubank Jr. vs Canelo Fight – No Chance

Eubank Jr vs Canelo Not Happening

In the world of boxing, where ambition often collides with reality, the latest narrative to capture the imagination involves Chris Eubank Jr.’s aspirations to square off against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Eddie Hearn, a figure synonymous with orchestrating boxing’s grandest stages, recently poured cold water on such speculations.

Eubank’s Canelo Ambitions

Eubank Jr., hailing from Brighton, has notched up an impressive record of 33 wins, with 24 by knockout, against three losses. His recent redemption against Liam Smith, where he secured a 10th-round stoppage, has evidently done little to sway Hearn’s opinion on the viability of a bout with Canelo.

Hearn’s Candid Take

“Canelo wants so much money,” Hearn disclosed to Boxing Social, expressing skepticism about the financial feasibility of a fight with Eubank Jr. Hearn’s remarks underscore the mismatch between Eubank Jr.’s market draw and Canelo’s financial expectations.

Reality Check From Eubank Sr.

Adding a layer of intrigue to the narrative, Chris Eubank Sr., a legend in his own right, has been vocal about the significance of a Canelo fight for his son’s career. “Canelo is the only person he’s going to be able to fight now to redeem any type of respect from the fighting public… You cannot beat him, not Canelo,” Eubank Sr. stated on talkSPORT, setting a monumental benchmark for his son.


Hearn’s Perspective on Eubank’s Recent Form

Reflecting on Eubank’s performances, Hearn pointed out the paradox of Eubank’s recent victories and defeats at lighter weights, juxtaposed with his ambition to challenge Canelo at 168 pounds. “He’s beaten a light middleweight in Liam Smith and got knocked out by a light middleweight [in Smith],” Hearn remarked, highlighting the incongruity of Eubank’s desire to leap to a higher weight class for a marquee fight.

“No chance,” Hearn concluded, succinctly summarising the prospect of a Eubank-Canelo fight materialising. This blunt dismissal not only throws a spotlight on the harsh economics of boxing but also on the towering challenge that Canelo represents.

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