Edwards Overcomes Injury to Outclass Curiel in Phoenix

Sunny Edwards Triumphs Despite Horrific Cut in Phoenix Boxing Showdown

In a thrilling comeback, Sunny Edwards showcased his resilience and skill, overcoming a gruesome forehead injury to outclass Adrian Curiel on points in Phoenix, Arizona. The victory marked Edwards’ return to form following his first career loss to Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez last December.

Edwards Makes a Statement

Returning with determination, Edwards dominated the ring against Curiel, who struggled to match the Brit’s finesse. Despite relentless pressure from his Mexican opponent, Edwards expertly controlled the pace, landing precise shots while evading Curiel’s advances.

The bout took a dramatic turn when an accidental clash of heads left Edwards with a severe cut on his forehead, described vividly by DAZN commentator Chris Mannix as “a zipper”. Despite the gruesome injury, Edwards soldiered on for two more rounds before the ringside doctor intervened, advising the referee to stop the fight.


Technical Victory

The match concluded with a technical decision in Edwards’ favour, with judges scoring unanimously at 90-82, 88-84, and 87-85. Despite his clear dominance throughout the contest, the decision surprised many, echoing in a mixed reaction from the Phoenix crowd, who voiced their displeasure with boos during the announcement.

Edwards’ Response

Addressing the aftermath, Edwards expressed frustration over the stoppage due to the cut, highlighting his disappointment despite securing a convincing win. “I don’t know if the crowd realise what happened there,” he commented. “The doctor stopped the cut, not my decision. I’m more upset than any of the 10,000 fans in here.”

He continued, reflecting on the match, “I thought I was clear ahead and I thought my opponent was slowing down. I thought I was going to get him out of there or win absolutely conclusively. I managed to leave Arizona uglier than I came twice in a row, so I want to apologise to the fans who have taken this personally but I had nothing to do with the ref stopping this.”

Despite the unexpected halt and crowd reaction, Sunny Edwards showcased his resilience and technical prowess, reaffirming his position in the boxing world with a decisive victory over Adrian Curiel. As Edwards continues his journey, his performance in Phoenix stands testament to his determination and skill in overcoming adversity.

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