Dalton Smith vs. Adam Azim: Hearn’s Bold Move

Eddie Hearn’s Bold Challenge: A Clash Between Dalton Smith and Adam Azim

In the ever-evolving landscape of British boxing, a new chapter unfolds as Eddie Hearn, the mastermind behind Matchroom Boxing, throws down the gauntlet in the direction of Sky Sports and Boxxer. The subject of this latest salvo? The much-anticipated face-off between two of the sport’s brightest prospects, Dalton Smith and Adam Azim. With both fighters boasting unblemished records and eyes firmly set on British and European titles, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Cross-Promotional Hurdles

At the heart of the matter lies a complex web of promotional and broadcasting allegiances. Smith, a shining jewel in Matchroom’s crown, plies his trade under the watchful eyes of DAZN’s subscribers. Azim, on the other hand, is the starlet of Boxxer, with his bouts lighting up Sky Sports’ programming. This divide has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the bout’s viability, exacerbated by statements from both camps about the necessity of a “biggest platform” for the event.

Hearn’s Proposition

Unfazed, Eddie Hearn stepped into the fray with a proposition that cut through the noise. In a candid exchange with Boxing King Media, Hearn expressed his willingness to bring the fight to Sky Sports, challenging Boxxer to make an offer. His words resonate with a blend of confidence and a hint of provocation: “We’ll make it really easy for you. We’ll do the fight on Sky no problem. Make us an offer. You ain’t going to make us an offer, what you’re going to do very soon is pull Adam Azim for the fight. Remember where you heard it first, you heard it from me. They’ll pull Adam Azim out of the Dalton Smith fight. I’ll give you no excuses, we will do the fight on Sky Sports, just make us an offer, and I’ll top the money up if you want, no problem.”

What’s Next for British Boxing?

As the boxing community watches with bated breath, the ball now lies in Boxxer’s court. Will they accept Hearn’s challenge, or will Adam Azim become another tale of what could have been? This ongoing saga not only highlights the complexities of boxing promotions but also underscores the vibrancy and competitiveness of the sport in the UK.

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