Carl Froch Critiques Joshua’s Victory Over Helenius

Anthony Joshua’s Performance: A Critical Look by Carl Froch

In the world of heavyweight boxing, performances inside the ring are dissected with as much ferocity as the punches thrown within it. Anthony Joshua’s recent bout against Robert Helenius has sparked a wave of criticism, not least from former unified super-middleweight champion Carl Froch. With insights from Alex Pattie in the Independent, let’s delve into Froch’s scathing review of Joshua’s performance.

Froch’s Harsh Critique

Carl Froch, known for his no-holds-barred analysis, has not minced words about Joshua’s performance on the 12th of August. Despite Joshua securing a knockout in Round 7 against Helenius, Froch rates the performance as a mere 5/10. He points out that Helenius, a last-minute replacement for Dillian Whyte, was already exhausted by the time of the knockout, suggesting it wasn’t the demonstration of skill many would have hoped for from AJ.

“Okay, he got the job done, he knocked out Helenius in Round 7 with a decent [shot]. Helenius was exhausted by that point, which is why I thought the knockout came,” Froch articulated on YouTube. He further criticized Joshua’s approach to the fight, labelling it as “tentative” and “gun shy.”


Joshua vs. Wilder: A Mismatch?

Froch’s analysis takes a deeper dive into the implications of Joshua’s performance for his future, particularly concerning a potential clash with Deontay Wilder. “If he’s looking at fighting Deontay Wilder on the back of that performance… that performance was awful,” Froch stated, highlighting a concern many fans might share about Joshua’s readiness for such a high-calibre opponent.

Style and Technique Under Scrutiny

The critique wasn’t limited to Joshua’s strategy or the eventual knockout. Froch took aim at Joshua’s boxing style itself, suggesting it was reminiscent of a “beginner, like a novice pro.” This is particularly damning, considering Joshua’s experience and status in the heavyweight division. The physical toll of the fight on Joshua, with swelling and bleeding evident, was used by Froch to underscore his point about the inefficacy of Joshua’s defense and strategy against Helenius’s jab.

Controversial Moments Outside the Ring

Froch also didn’t shy away from commenting on Joshua’s interaction with UFC star Conor McGregor at ringside, branding it “unprofessional” and “disrespectful.” This moment, where McGregor offered Joshua a drink while Helenius was receiving medical attention, certainly caught the eye of many and added a layer of controversy to the night’s proceedings.

Final Thoughts

Carl Froch’s brutal assessment of Anthony Joshua’s victory over Robert Helenius paints a picture of a fighter with much to prove. As talks of a fight with Deontay Wilder in early 2024 continue, Joshua’s performance against Helenius, as highlighted by Froch, suggests that significant improvements are necessary for him to compete at the highest level. Froch’s critique serves as a reminder of the relentless standards to which champions are held and the perpetual quest for perfection in the unforgiving arena of professional boxing.

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