Ben Shalom Shapes Future of UK Boxing with Boxxer

Ben Shalom: Pioneering a New Era in UK Boxing with Boxxer

Ben Shalom, the visionary behind Boxxer, is rapidly redefining the landscape of British boxing. As the youngest promoter in the UK, Shalom launched Boxxer six years ago, swiftly gaining traction in a fiercely competitive arena. His ascent parallels the stories of prominent figures like Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn, yet Shalom carves his own path, spotlighting his unique blend of innovation and strategic prowess.

Rising to Prominence with Strategic Alliances

The strategic move that put Boxxer on the map came in 2021, when Matchroom Boxing’s transition to DAZN left a void at Sky Sports. Shalom seized this opportunity, propelling Boxxer to become a household name in British sports broadcasting. Under his stewardship, Boxxer has orchestrated some of the UK’s most talked-about fights, including epic showdowns like Liam Smith vs. Chris Eubank Jr., and the riveting clash between Amir Khan and Kell Brook.


Championing the Next Generation of Boxers

Boxxer is not just about promoting fights; it’s about nurturing talent and expanding the sport’s appeal. Shalom’s roster boasts thrilling prospects like Adam Azim, Caroline Dubois, and Natasha Jonas, to name a few. His mission is clear: “We’re focused on the next generation. We’re a young team, we want to do things a bit differently. We want to invest in women’s boxing, we want to make boxing more accessible,” Shalom articulated during an interview in New York.

Empowering Women’s Boxing: The Golden Bullet

October 2022 marked a significant milestone for Boxxer with the UK’s first all-female boxing event headlined by Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall. This historic event not only sold out the O2 Arena but also set record viewing figures, underscoring the burgeoning appeal of women’s boxing. “Women’s boxing is the golden bullet for boxing’s perception as a whole. I think it’s been hugely successful for the sport and everyone deserves a lot of credit, but the numbers women’s boxing has done is pretty special,” Shalom reflects on the impact.

Upcoming Spectacles and Strategic Growth

Looking ahead, Boxxer is set to host another major event where Lauren Price will battle Jessica McCaskill for the WBA welterweight title in Cardiff. Moreover, the anticipated rematch between Chris Billam-Smith and Richard Riakporhe at Selhurst Park promises to captivate boxing enthusiasts this summer. “It’s a real 50/50 fight… We’re going to get to see two of our own guys go at it for a world title in front of a stadium, so it’s very special,” Shalom remarks on the upcoming bout.

With a solid partnership with Sky and a commitment to spotlighting emerging talent, Boxxer continues to thrive under Ben Shalom’s leadership. His strategic vision and innovative approach are not just winning fights, but also winning hearts, ensuring the legacy of British boxing is vibrant and inclusive.

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