Bellew: Predicts Quick Knockout in Heavyweight Duel

Bellew Backs Joshua for Quick Knockout Against Dubois

In the world of heavyweight boxing, a potential clash between Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois is brewing with high expectations. Tony Bellew, a former WBC cruiserweight world champion, has confidently predicted a swift victory for Joshua should this fight materialize at Wembley Stadium on September 21 as part of the Riyadh Season Card.

Bellew’s Bold Forecast

Bellew, known for his sharp insights into boxing, believes that the fight, if confirmed, won’t last beyond the early rounds. “As for AJ vs Dubois, I think if that fight gets made it’s over inside two rounds,” he stated confidently. His prediction stems from a firm belief in Joshua’s superior athleticism and technical skills compared to Dubois.

Analyzing the Fighters’ Strengths

When questioned about Dubois’ potential to challenge Joshua, Bellew acknowledged Dubois’ power but was quick to point out the areas where Joshua excels. “But AJ’s technically better than him, more fluid than him, quicker than him, hits harder than him,” Bellew explained. He emphasized that Joshua is not only better in these facets but also boasts a solid defence mechanism that could neutralize Dubois’ front-foot pressure and power.


Joshua’s Athletic Edge

Describing Anthony Joshua, Bellew referred to him as a “freak” and “the best athlete the heavyweight division’s probably ever had as an athletic specimen.” He elaborated on Joshua’s all-around athletic prowess, suggesting that his abilities extend far beyond the boxing ring. “If you put AJ in a 100m race [against the other heavyweights], lifting weights, how far he can jump, how high he can jump – I promise you he’d win the lot,” said Bellew.

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The Anticipated Outcome

The excitement around this potential bout is palpable, with Bellew certain of its outcome. He concluded, “I don’t see any other outcome,” predicting a knockout victory for Joshua within two rounds, assuming Joshua maintains the same focus and determination he showed in previous matches.

This matchup, if it comes to pass, promises to be a highlight of the boxing calendar, potentially redefining the careers of both heavyweights.

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