WWE’s New Era Praised by Randy Orton

McMahon Out: A New Era for WWE

Randy Orton wasn’t shy about taking shots at Vince McMahon and the way he used to run WWE, noting it’s good he’s now gone. Randy Orton, a stalwart in WWE, has been vocal about his views on the transition of leadership within the company. Orton, known for his candid nature, did not hold back his opinions during a recent interview.

Orton Takes a Shot at Vince

In an interview with Bill Apter about his father’s induction into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall Of Fame, Orton discussed the new era in WWE. He expressed his approval of the changes, stating: “Off the top of my head, listen I love Vince. He gave me so many opportunities. I think it was kind of time for him to move on. It’s unfortunate that it happened in the way that it happened. But it’s nice having people in charge of me that understand how important it is for you to be home for birthdays and home for Thanksgiving and home for Christmas.”

Orton further criticized McMahon’s management style, highlighting a lack of compassion: “He wanted his performers working. I came to him when I was 35 and my back really started going and I pleaded with him like man, I gotta like not do as many shows [and] maybe do half the tour and be able to recover and he just looked at me and was like, ‘I need you on those shows Randy. Mother nature gets us all.'”

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Performer-Friendly Changes in WWE

Orton contrasted the old regime with the new, praising the current leadership under Triple H and Nick Khan. He remarked, “It’s nice having him [Vince] out of there.” He highlighted how the new regime is more understanding of the performers’ needs, stating, “if they need a little bit of a break — we’re only human — they get it, most of the time.”

The Impact on WWE Talent

Orton’s comments shed light on a significant cultural shift within WWE. The new management is more attuned to the well-being of its talent, a change welcomed by many. “All of the opportunities he gave me, it’s nice having him out of there,” Orton reiterated, underscoring the relief and optimism felt among performers under the new leadership.

Randy Orton’s candid remarks about Vince McMahon and the current WWE leadership reflect a broader sentiment within the wrestling community. The transition marks a more compassionate and performer-friendly era, promising a brighter future for WWE talent. As the new regime continues to steer WWE, fans and performers alike anticipate positive changes and a thriving wrestling environment.

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