WWE Raw Moves to Netflix: What Fans Can Expect

Censorship: A Thing of the Past

One of the most notable changes fans can expect is the elimination of censorship. Triple H explained, “Right now, just as an example of us being on Fox, if the crowd chants ‘Holy sh**,’ or something much worse, they just take that audio. Sometimes they take the picture and the audio off, and it’s just black screen… We won’t have those issues with Netflix.” This statement highlights a significant shift in how WWE content will be presented, offering a more unfiltered and authentic experience.

This change is particularly relevant in light of recent controversies, such as The Rock’s return earlier this year. The WWE legend’s liberal use of profanity on TV and social media sparked debate about the current censorship policies. Triple H’s comments suggest that Netflix’s platform will allow for a more relaxed approach, potentially changing the dynamic of WWE programming.


Global Accessibility and Live Streaming

Another groundbreaking aspect of the move to Netflix is the ability for fans around the world to watch Raw live simultaneously. Triple H emphasized, “The ability to be live globally, the ability to have everything seen all at once everywhere, it’s a game-changing moment.” This global accessibility is a first for WWE, as traditionally, different regions have had varied access to live broadcasts.

This move is likely to enhance the fan experience, bringing the global WWE community closer together. No longer will international fans have to navigate spoilers or wait for delayed broadcasts; they can join the excitement in real-time.

Potential Changes in Show Format

Triple H also hinted at potential changes in the show’s format when Raw transitions to Netflix. While he didn’t delve into specifics, he mentioned that considerations are being made regarding the show’s length, commercial breaks, and overall structure. “With other streaming services, like Amazon Prime, introducing ads, although The Game didn’t elaborate, perhaps ads will remain on Raw when it moves to Netflix. That’s a lot of extra time to fill if they’re not,” he noted.

This opens up several possibilities. Without the constraints of traditional TV schedules, Raw could extend beyond its usual runtime, offering more content and perhaps even additional matches or segments. The introduction of ads, if implemented, could also take on a different format, potentially blending seamlessly into the show rather than traditional commercial breaks.

WWE Network and Global Content Strategy

The move to Netflix is part of a broader strategy by WWE to consolidate its content globally. While SmackDown and NXT will remain on traditional networks in the US, the rest of WWE’s content will shift to Netflix in other parts of the world. This includes the WWE Network, which will be shut down at the end of 2024, with its content moving to Netflix. “That means everything WWE including its PLEs and all of its weekly shows will be available on Netflix outside of the US starting next year,” Triple H confirmed.

This consolidation is poised to make WWE content more accessible and streamlined for international audiences. By housing all content under one platform, WWE fans worldwide will have a more cohesive and convenient viewing experience.

The Future of Wrestling TV Deals

The implications of WWE’s deal with Netflix extend beyond the company itself. This move could set a precedent for other wrestling promotions and how they distribute their content. As the article from Sportster by Josh Coulson suggests, “With WWE putting Raw on Netflix next year, does it mean other wrestling companies like AEW will move to streaming as well?” This question opens the door to a broader discussion about the future of wrestling TV deals and the potential shift towards streaming platforms.

In conclusion, WWE’s transition of Raw to Netflix represents a significant evolution in wrestling entertainment. With reduced censorship, global live streaming, and potential changes in show format, fans can expect a more immersive and engaging experience. As the industry watches this transition closely, it may well pave the way for other wrestling promotions to explore similar avenues, marking a new chapter in the world of professional wrestling.

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