WBC Pushes for Six Judges in Usyk vs Fury 2 Rematch

Usyk vs Fury 2: WBC Advocates for Six Judges

The President of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Mauricio Sulaiman, has reiterated the organisation’s commitment to having six judges at ringside for the highly anticipated rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury. This initiative, aimed at ensuring fairer and less controversial outcomes, is set to extend to other WBC title bouts as well.

Campaign for Six Judges

In the lead-up to the first encounter between Usyk and Fury on May 18th, Sulaiman actively campaigned for the introduction of six judges. This move was designed to minimise the potential for disputed results. However, the proposal faced significant opposition from rival sanctioning bodies and event promoters, resulting in the traditional three-judge system being retained for the bout.

Despite the resistance, the WBC remains undeterred. Sulaiman has confirmed that the organisation will persist with its plans to implement a six-judge system, starting with the rematch between Usyk and Fury. “I will campaign for the WBC fights to [have six judges for] those who are eligible, and we are going to start doing it,” Sulaiman stated in an interview with Casino Reviews. “It came down to the other organisations and the promoters not supporting the idea so we will do it as usual in the WBC fights. We have done a few in Mexico and will continue doing so in WBC fights and we will monitor it and see how things go.”

Ensuring Fair Outcomes

The introduction of six judges is seen as a crucial step towards ensuring the rightful winner is declared, particularly in closely contested fights. The first bout between Usyk and Fury was a prime example, with Usyk narrowly securing victory via a split decision. The fight was intensely competitive, and the scorecards reflected the razor-thin margin, with Usyk prevailing due to the scoring of two judges in his favour.

Reflecting on the decision, Sulaiman expressed satisfaction with the outcome. “Yes [I was happy with the scorecards], it was a very close fight,” Sulaiman remarked. “It came down to the 11th round and it was scored in favour of Oleksandr Usyk by two judges, one of them in Mike Fitzgerald and Mike Metcalfe scored it in favour of Tyson Fury. So, if Metcalfe scored it for Usyk rather than Fury it would’ve been a unanimous decision for Usyk. If Fitzgerald had scored it to Fury then he would’ve won the fight so the rounds were very close, that one in particular.”

The Complexity of Scoring

The decision-making process in boxing is inherently subjective, making the role of judges particularly challenging. Sulaiman acknowledged this complexity, stating, “A huge left hand at the end of the round by Usyk was a statement. Scoring is subject, it’s a complicated task but I believe a split decision win for Usyk is more than fair and acceptable. Our position is to always have the best possibilities to avoid a controversy and that’s why we wanted six judges.”

The introduction of additional judges aims to provide a more balanced and comprehensive evaluation of the fight, potentially reducing the likelihood of contentious decisions. This approach could set a new standard in boxing, ensuring that the sport remains fair and transparent for all participants.

Looking Ahead

As the WBC moves forward with its plans, the boxing community will be watching closely to see how the introduction of six judges impacts future title fights. The rematch between Usyk and Fury promises to be another closely fought contest, and the presence of six judges could be a significant factor in determining the outcome.

In conclusion, the WBC’s commitment to enhancing the judging system reflects its dedication to maintaining the integrity of boxing. By advocating for six judges, the organisation aims to ensure that every fight is judged as fairly and accurately as possible, benefiting both the fighters and the sport as a whole.

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