UFC Star Rehab Rumours Denied

Conor McGregor Dispels Rehab Speculation Amidst Fight Postponement

McGregor Responds to Rehab Allegations

UFC luminary Conor McGregor has firmly denied claims that he is in rehabilitation for substance abuse, as suggested by former UFC star Chael Sonnen. These rumours surfaced after McGregor unexpectedly withdrew from his highly anticipated comeback match against Michael Chandler at UFC 303. Sonnen’s comments, made during his Good Guy/Bad Guy show with Daniel Cormier, hinted at a deeper story behind McGregor’s exit from the fight, linking it to McGregor’s ventures in the alcohol industry, particularly his Proper No. 12 whiskey.

Sonnen Stirs the Pot

On the show, Sonnen raised eyebrows by questioning the official explanation provided by McGregor’s camp—that an injury was to blame for his withdrawal. “What incredible irony that both sides have these massive interests in alcohol, and one side is in the middle of rehab for substance abuse, including alcohol,” Sonnen stated, stirring further speculation. He even went so far as to quip, “Have this proper drink. I’ll see you in a proper while, ’cause I’m in a proper facility right now watching me not have drinks.”

Official Denial from McGregor’s Camp

McGregor’s spokesperson, Karen Kessler, has countered Sonnen’s claims directly. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Kessler clarified, “The fight was cancelled after an injury he sustained during training. He is looking forward to a new date.” This statement aims to clear the air, highlighting that McGregor’s focus remains on recovery and a return to the octagon, not on any off-the-mat personal issues as speculated.

Uncertainty Shadows Chandler’s Plans

The disruption has not only affected McGregor but also his opponent, Michael Chandler, who shared his disappointment and confusion about the future of their bout in a recent video. Chandler’s professional momentum is temporarily stalled as he waits for a rescheduled date, showcasing the broader impact of such high-profile cancellations in the sport.

Despite the swirl of rumours, McGregor’s social media presence remains active, though it is unclear whether he or his team are behind the recent posts. The controversy surrounding his withdrawal and the nature of his injury remains a topic of keen interest and speculation among fans and commentators alike.

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