UFC 302: Strickland’s Fiery Rant on Fighter Compensation

Sean Strickland Puts UFC President on Blast Over Pay Dispute

Sean Strickland has not minced words ahead of his return to the Octagon at UFC 302, where he is set to face Paulo Costa. In a series of explicit rants, Strickland has taken aim at UFC President Dana White and other top executives, accusing them of exploiting fighters for profit.

Strickland Opens Up About UFC 302 Payout

Despite earning a hefty $1 million for his fight at UFC 297, Strickland argues that fighters deserve a larger share of the UFC’s revenue. On X, Strickland questioned fans about his purse offer for UFC 302, sparking a guessing game about his base contract. “Out of curiosity… what do you guys think I was offered to fight Costa on 7 weeks’ notice? Base contract…” One fan guessed $500k, to which Strickland responded, “Way less lol.” Another fan suggested, “$200 show, $200 win and $10K fight week incentive.” Strickland replied, “Close but loss lol.”

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Former Champ Blasts UFC Over Fighter Pay

In an interview with Daniel Cormier, Strickland vented his frustrations, explicitly criticising Dana White and the UFC hierarchy. “The UFC doesn’t do the right things, it doesn’t f****** do the right things, it doesn’t do the right things for most of its roster. If you go and look at what these f****, the guys that run the UFC what they’re making compared to what guys get paid, it’s f****** s*** dude. The UFC does not do the f****** right things and unless you hold them at gunpoint, they’re not going to do it,” he asserted.

Strickland further claimed that the exploitation of employees is a common practice among large corporations. “But that’s all businesses these days, all these f****** corporations are leeches dude, that’s just how it works man, look at the working man gap. Again, my gap is a lot smaller than your guys’ gap, but that’s just how it works, these corporations just f****** succubuses.”

The Debate Over UFC Fighter Compensation

Strickland’s outspoken comments have intensified the ongoing debate about fighter compensation in the UFC. Despite his reported earnings of up to $1 million for UFC 297, Strickland insists that fighters should receive a larger portion of the UFC’s substantial revenue. The total gate for UFC 297 was $7,898,695, with an estimated $40 million in pay-per-view revenue, highlighting the vast sums involved.

Fighter pay has been a hot-button issue within the UFC for years, with numerous athletes calling for increased pay and better benefits. Strickland has used his platform to highlight these issues, advocating for change and greater fairness in the sport.

Strickland’s Recent Performance and Future Prospects

With a record of 3-1 in his last four fights, including victories over Nassourdine Imavov, Abusupiyan Magomedov, and Israel Adesanya, Strickland remains a key contender in the middleweight division. His upcoming bout against Costa is not just a chance for redemption following his split decision loss to Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297, but also an opportunity to bring more attention to the pressing issue of fighter pay.

Sean Strickland’s vocal criticism of the UFC’s pay structure and his determined advocacy for fair compensation underscore the broader struggles faced by many fighters in the organisation. As he steps back into the Octagon at UFC 302, all eyes will be on both his performance and his ongoing campaign for change.

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