The Unlikely Partnership Reshaping Boxing

Boxing’s Power Players: Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren’s Candid Conversation

In an unprecedented and enlightening conversation on TNT Sports, two of boxing’s most influential figures, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom and Frank Warren of Queensberry, sat down to discuss their unique collaboration. This meeting marks a significant shift in the landscape of professional boxing, showcasing a willingness to bridge competitive divides for the sport’s advancement.

Breaking Down Barriers

Eddie Hearn described the experience of working with Frank Warren as “refreshing”. He highlighted the role of George Warren in facilitating this collaboration, mentioning, “George has kind of been like the mature one”. Hearn admitted that initially, there was reluctance, but the focus on the bigger picture for boxing and their companies prevailed. He reflected, “Once you sort of break the seal, it’s almost like actually probably should have done this a long time ago.”

Frank Warren echoed Hearn’s sentiments, praising George Warren’s pivotal role and expressing his enjoyment of the partnership. Warren noted, “We’re both boxing nuts and we’re delivering good fights.”

Insights into the Saudi Experience

Discussing their experiences in Saudi Arabia, Hearn revealed the passionate involvement of Saudi backers in the sport. He recalled, “He’s saying to us, ‘I like this guy, I like that, what about him versus him?'” Warren added to this, emphasizing the unique and groundbreaking nature of these events in the sport.

Both promoters acknowledged their past competitive rivalry and its benefits to the sport. Hearn candidly stated, “I didn’t want him to win, he didn’t want us to win.” However, they recognized the need to evolve and collaborate for boxing’s greater good. Hearn specifically mentioned the potential for “Queensbury against Matchroom nights,” showcasing the exciting possibilities of this newfound cooperation.


Future of Boxing in Britain and Beyond

Addressing concerns about the focus shifting away from Britain, Warren reassured fans, stating that while international fights are important, nurturing UK boxing remains a priority. Hearn concurred, noting the importance of building future stars in Britain.

Both Hearn and Warren expressed their eagerness for upcoming big fights, like Anthony Joshua’s future bouts. Hearn shared his excitement, “I want Tyson Fury to beat Usyk… The Undisputed heavyweight world championship between two Brits… two completely different characters.”

Reflections on Personal Growth and Rivalry

In a candid moment, Warren admitted his underestimation of Hearn’s boxing knowledge, while Hearn appreciated Warren’s company, contrary to his initial expectations. This mutual respect underlines the potential for their partnership to reshape the boxing landscape.

This conversation between Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren represents more than just a truce between two titans of boxing promotion. It signifies a new era where collaboration could lead to unprecedented heights for the sport. Their commitment to working together, fueled by their passion for boxing, promises exciting times ahead for fans and fighters alike.

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