The Story Behind Sean O’Malley and Conor McGregor’s Feud

The Unlikely Feud: Sean O’Malley and Conor McGregor’s Unexpected Clash

In the world of MMA, unexpected conflicts can arise, even among fans. Recently, UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley found himself in an unforeseen dispute with MMA icon Conor McGregor. Despite this tension, O’Malley remains an ardent admirer of the Irish fighter.

Origins of the Conflict

The friction dates back to May, when McGregor criticised boxer Ryan Garcia on social media for testing positive for the banned substance ostarine. During his tirade, McGregor also implicated O’Malley, who faced a similar infraction in 2019. Although McGregor later softened his stance, the damage was done. “I jokingly on my podcast said we talked, we’re good,” O’Malley told MMA Fighting. “I haven’t talked to him since. I’ll forever be a massive Conor fan.”

Sean O’Malley: Fan Despite the Feud

O’Malley speculated that McGregor regretted his social media outburst, noting that the tweet was eventually deleted. Despite the unjustified association with Garcia’s situation, O’Malley isn’t harbouring a grudge. “I tried [to hate him]. I was like f*ck Conor, but it is what it is,” O’Malley said. “I think he realised what he said was stupid. I don’t know why he tried putting me and Ryan Garcia in the same category.”

McGregor vs. Chandler: A Fan’s Dilemma

In his initial reaction to McGregor’s comments, O’Malley expressed a desire to see McGregor lose to Michael Chandler in their upcoming bout at UFC 303. However, his admiration for McGregor makes it difficult for him to genuinely root against the former two-division champion. “We’ll see,” O’Malley said of the potential outcome of Chandler fighting McGregor. “It’s hard for me not to [root for him], if Conor goes out there, and knocks him out, it would be wild.”

Future Showdown Speculation

The idea of a future showdown between McGregor and O’Malley remains speculative, with McGregor dismissing the possibility, saying it wouldn’t happen “in his wildest dreams.” Nonetheless, O’Malley is open to the challenge, acknowledging McGregor’s significant impact on his career. “I wouldn’t turn down a Conor fight,” O’Malley stated.

As McGregor prepares for his return at UFC 303, and O’Malley eyes a title defence against Merab Dvalishvili later this year, the potential for a high-profile clash between the two remains an intriguing possibility for the future.

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