SugarHill Steward on Fury’s Form for Usyk Title Fight

Fury v Usyk: Key Talking Points Ahead of the Heavyweight Clash

As the boxing world anticipates the undisputed heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk in Riyadh on Saturday, discussions abound on Fury’s notably slender physique. The WBC champion Fury and IBF, WBA, and WBO titleholder Usyk are set to clash, with many observing that Fury appears leaner compared to his last bout against Francis Ngannou.

SugarHill Steward on Fury’s Weight

Trainer SugarHill Steward has downplayed the significance of Fury’s physique. “I don’t do weights with heavyweights,” Steward stated. “Whatever he’s training at and he’s comfortable at, I’m okay with that. People take his body being in a different shape in that he’s lost a lot of weight but he really hasn’t lost a lot of weight, he’s pretty much the same.”

Steward explained that Fury’s weight remains consistent, with only minimal fluctuations. “He’s within five pounds of what he always weighs, it’s just that he’s done different work and his body’s just changed.” This transformation is akin to Steward’s analogy of his own physique changes with varied workout routines.

Public Workouts and Mind Games

The public workouts on Wednesday saw a display of tactical gamesmanship, with Usyk – a natural southpaw – switching to an orthodox stance, and Fury, typically an orthodox fighter, working on southpaw pads with Steward holding them in the orthodox position. Usyk’s early performance prompted a bemused reaction from Steward. “Well, there you go. I don’t know, every action has a reaction, maybe. We thought it was pretty funny. It was entertaining. That was about it.”

Legacy and Focus

This bout holds historical significance, being the first undisputed world heavyweight title fight in nearly 25 years since Lennox Lewis faced Evander Holyfield. SugarHill Steward, continuing the Kronk Gym legacy established by his godfather Emanuel Steward, remains focused on the task at hand. “For me, it’s just get the job done,” Steward remarked, emphasizing the importance of maintaining concentration and treating every fight with the same level of seriousness.


Peaks and Tactical Predictions

Promoter Frank Warren and Steward agree that both fighters are at their peaks. With Fury at 35 and Usyk at 37, the bout promises a high-caliber showdown. “They’re both at their peaks. They’ve both fought the top guys and here they are. Neither one of them are in a decline. This is the best fight possible that can be made in the world.”

Steward anticipates a strategic battle. “I expect it to be strategic and then I expect Tyson Fury to break through and to get a stoppage of Oleksandr Usyk.” This tactical approach is expected to define the fight, making it a compelling spectacle for boxing fans.

Future Prospects

Following the fight, a rematch clause is in place, but fans are eager for a potential clash between Fury and British rival Anthony Joshua. Steward, however, remains unfazed by future matchups. “I don’t really care,” he said. “I don’t care who he fights actually. It’s just I want to train him to go knock somebody out.”

This clash between Fury and Usyk is set to be a monumental event in the boxing world, with both fighters at their prime, promising an exhilarating contest for the undisputed heavyweight title.

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