Smith’s Take on Munguia-Ryder Epic Bout

Setting the Stage for a Titan Clash

As the boxing world eagerly anticipates the showdown between John Ryder and Jaime Munguia, insights from Liverpool’s own Liam Smith offer a unique perspective on this upcoming 168-pound bout. Scheduled for Saturday night at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, this fight is more than just another entry in the boxing calendar – it’s a collision of strategy, strength, and skill. This analysis, drawing on the original reporting by Keith Idec of Boxing Scene, delves into the dynamics of what promises to be a riveting contest.

Munguia’s Dominance and Ryder’s Resilience

Jaime Munguia, a formidable force in the ring, holds an impressive record of 42-0, with 33 KOs. His overwhelming victory over Liam Smith in July 2018, where Smith was dropped in the sixth round, underlines Munguia’s power and tactical acumen. Nearly five and a half years later, Munguia remains unbeaten, a testament to his offensive prowess.

In contrast, John Ryder, the capable British southpaw, brings his brand of resilience to the ring. His performance against Callum Smith, Liam Smith’s younger brother, in November 2019 was a testament to his grit. Despite losing, Ryder showcased his ability to challenge top-tier opponents, a skill he will undoubtedly bring to his fight against Munguia.


Liam Smith’s Expert Insight

Liam Smith, having faced both fighters, offers a unique perspective. He acknowledges Munguia’s aggressive style and his ability to throw a high volume of punches. However, Smith believes that Ryder has a significant chance if he can increase his output and match Munguia’s intensity. “I just think if John can go with Munguia and throw more punches, you know, we all know Ryder is solid enough, he’s got a good enough chin. It’ll be hard for Munguia to budge him, but Munguia can throw enough punches to maybe get to John. I think if John can up his output a little bit more, he’s got a massive chance,” says Smith.

The High Stakes and Predictions

The stakes are high for both fighters. Ryder, at 35, is coming off a unanimous decision defeat to Canelo Alvarez last May. Despite being knocked down in the fifth round, he showed resilience and made the rest of the bout competitive. Munguia, on the other hand, is well-rested following his victory over Sergiy Derevyanchenko last June, which was voted “Fight of the Year” for 2023 by With Freddie Roach now in Munguia’s corner, the dynamics of this bout could tilt in new and unpredictable ways.

As we edge closer to the fight night, the boxing community is buzzing with anticipation. Will Ryder’s strategy and resilience be enough to counter Munguia’s offensive onslaught? Or will Munguia continue his unbeaten streak with yet another display of his formidable boxing skills? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain – this bout is not to be missed by any boxing enthusiast.

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