Saudi Showdown: Warren Predicts Thrilling Fury vs Usyk 2

Warren Anticipates a Bigger Rematch: Fury vs Usyk 2 in Saudi Showdown

Promoter Frank Warren is confident that the eagerly awaited rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury will surpass their initial encounter, which took place on May 18 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Anticipation Builds

Usyk clinched a split decision victory in a bout that captivated fans worldwide. Speaking on the Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel, Warren expressed his high expectations for the rematch scheduled for December 21, again in Saudi Arabia.

“I’m very excited about it. It was an unbelievable fight the first one,” said Warren. “The biggest fight of the 21st Century, an unbelievable heavyweight fight, nothing in it. Both guys left everything in the ring, they both gave their all and they want to dance again so that’s going to happen.”

Timing and Preparations

The rematch has been slightly delayed due to an injury sustained by Usyk, allowing both fighters ample time to recover from their gruelling first encounter. Warren explained, “It’s been pushed back. One of them, not Tyson, Usyk I understand sustained an injury which is the reason why he won’t be fit before then, but that’s a perfect date for it. Give them both time to recuperate from a very, very, very tough fight, and hopefully we will see the same again. Tyson wants it. I want it. It’s as simple as that, in that I want it if Tyson wants it.”

Building on Success

The initial fight, dubbed the “Day of Reckoning,” took place on December 23 last year, also in Saudi Arabia. It was a resounding success, and Warren believes the momentum from that event will carry over into the rematch.

“It works out at a good time of year,” Warren continued. “We did one over here last year just before Christmas, it had a tremendous turnout, done really good numbers, and I think this will do even bigger. This will be a massive fight. It will be much bigger than the first one because of how close it was, what a dynamic fight it was, how dramatic it was, it will have all that again and more next time. I promise you.”

Strategies for the Rematch

Reflecting on the first fight, Warren noted areas where Fury can improve. “He’s got to do what he does well which is box, go out there, get behind his jab, use his jab and let his shots go. And he did that. And up until mid-fight he really got on top of it for me, and he [Usyk] got a second wind, the other guy, and once he caught Tyson on the nose in that seventh round, it just changed the dynamic of the fight. Tyson just seemed to lose his focus very briefly, then obviously he [Usyk] had the big round in the ninth, but it was a fight of two halves. That’s how I looked at it. There was nothing in it for me. Tyson won the last round, he got back into it and he knows what he’s got to do better than anybody. And I’m sure Usyk does as well.”

Warren also acknowledged the toll the first fight took on both fighters, highlighting the importance of the recovery period. “Having said that, that fight will take a lot out of both of them. They need that time to recover and it will be interesting to see who has learned the most from the first fight.”

With the anticipation building, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting what promises to be another thrilling chapter in the rivalry between Fury and Usyk. The rematch, set against the backdrop of a Saudi showdown, is poised to deliver another unforgettable night of boxing.

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