Ryan Garcia Faces Felony Vandalism Charge in Beverly Hills

Ryan Garcia Arrest: What It Means for the Future of Boxing

In an unexpected twist, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia found himself in hot water this past Saturday. The 25-year-old was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism at the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria. TMZ Sports released footage showing a shirtless Garcia being taken into custody, his head covered by a helmet. Law enforcement sources indicated that Garcia allegedly caused significant property damage in both his hotel room and a hallway.

Manager’s Response and Unconfirmed Details

Garcia’s manager, Guadalupe Valencia, addressed the incident, stating he was preparing a news release but could not confirm all the details from the TMZ report. “We don’t have all the information yet,” Valencia conveyed via text to BoxingScene, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding the full circumstances of Garcia’s arrest.

Turbulent Year for Garcia

The arrest caps off a tumultuous period for Garcia, whose behavior has been erratic throughout the year. This turbulence was evident during his surprising victory over the then-undefeated WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney in April at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Despite his victory, Garcia faced controversy by exceeding the 140-pound limit by more than three pounds, leading to his disqualification from claiming the belt. Furthermore, Garcia tested positive for the banned performance-enhancing substance ostarine, a result confirmed by “B” sample positives.

The New York State Athletic Commission is currently deliberating whether to suspend and fine Garcia. There is also the possibility that his victory may be overturned to a no-contest or labeled a loss by disqualification, following a request from Haney’s attorney, who accused Garcia of making a “mockery” of boxing rules.

Personal Struggles and Professional Criticism

Garcia has been open about his personal struggles, sharing on social media that he has been deeply affected by his mother’s recent breast cancer diagnosis. This revelation came after police conducted a welfare check at his hotel on Wednesday, prompted by a report from one of Garcia’s family members.

Adding to his woes, Garcia publicly criticized his promoter, Golden Boy, and streaming partner DAZN earlier on Saturday for allegedly withholding his full earnings from the Haney fight. This claim was seemingly corroborated by Haney through a post on social media platform X.

Potential Impact on the Future of Boxing

The latest incident involving Garcia raises questions about his future in boxing. TMZ reported that Garcia appeared “seemingly under the influence” but cooperated peacefully with law enforcement. As the New York State Athletic Commission deliberates on his fate, the boxing community is left to wonder how these events will shape Garcia’s career and the sport’s landscape.

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