Ryan Garcia Expelled from WBC Activities After Positive Drug Tests

Ryan Garcia’s Expulsion: A Blow to Boxing

In a stunning move, the WBC has expelled Ryan Garcia from all activities under their sanction. This announcement, made on July 4 by the organisation’s president Mauricio Sulaiman, follows a turbulent period for the young boxer, marked by erratic behaviour and failed drug tests.

Just a day before the expulsion, Sulaiman had expressed his concern during a media conference call, supporting a fighter who had failed two VADA tests. These failures led to Garcia’s April 20 points victory over Devin Haney being overturned.

“Speaking only personally, and not from the point of view of the WBC, I am very concerned about what I am seeing [in regard to Ryan Garcia],” Sulaiman said on July 3. “I pray to God he gets immediate help. As a fighter, we [the WBC] will soon address it publicly, but as a human being, we urge those around him to ensure he gets help.”

The Fallout of Erratic Behaviour

Garcia, aged 25, has been under the spotlight for his inconsistent and troubling actions. His social media outbursts and public consumption of alcohol led many to doubt his ability to compete at a high level. Surprisingly, despite coming in over the 140-pound limit, Garcia managed to drop Haney three times, securing what was a temporary victory.

On May 1, VADA informed all relevant parties that Garcia had tested positive for Ostarine on the day before and the day of his unexpected win over Haney. Consequently, on June 20, the New York Athletic Commission fined Garcia $1.1 million, suspended him for a year, and nullified his victory.


Social Media Backlash and Responsibility

Since these rulings, Garcia has remained active on social media, deflecting blame and refusing to take responsibility for his actions. His posts have sparked widespread criticism and concern among fans and the boxing community.

“Exercising my authority as president of the WBC, I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organization,” Sulaiman declared on social media. “We reject any form of discrimination. I fear for Ryan’s well-being as he has declined multiple attempts for our help with mental health and substance abuse.”

Moving Forward: Boxing’s Response to Substance Abuse

The expulsion of Ryan Garcia raises significant questions about the role of governing bodies in supporting athletes facing personal struggles. It underscores the importance of mental health and the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing substance abuse in sports.

The WBC’s decision sets a precedent, highlighting their zero-tolerance policy towards doping and the necessity of upholding integrity in boxing. While Garcia’s future remains uncertain, this situation serves as a stark reminder of the pressures athletes face and the critical need for support systems within the sport.

Ryan Garcia’s expulsion from the WBC is a profound moment for boxing, shedding light on the complexities of athlete management and the unwavering stance of regulatory bodies against doping. As the sport moves forward, the emphasis on mental health and strict adherence to anti-doping regulations will be crucial in maintaining the integrity and spirit of boxing.

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