Report: WWE Star’s Manager Idea Raises Interesting Questions

Cody Rhodes Contemplates Adding a Manager During Title Reign

Cody Rhodes, the charismatic WWE star, is considering a significant change to his current title run. In a surprising twist, Rhodes has expressed openness to the idea of incorporating a manager. This development raises questions about its potential impact and who might fit the role.

Feeling Outnumbered: Rhodes’ Motivation

During a recent episode of SmackDown, Rhodes found himself outnumbered in the ring by Logan Paul, his lawyer, and his entourage. Reflecting on this, Rhodes shared his thoughts on Busted Open Radio: “It was something I missed when Logan (Paul) and I were doing this contract signing to see him flanked by so many people.” He added, “I don’t know. Maybe I’m looking for the classic wrestling manager to join me on this title reign.”

This scenario is not entirely new for Rhodes, who previously worked with Arn Anderson during his AEW tenure. However, the concept of a babyface champion having a manager remains unconventional, given that managers traditionally support heels.

The Uncommon Role of a Manager for a Babyface

In wrestling, babyfaces typically stand alone, symbolising resilience and the fight against the odds. Managers, on the other hand, are often associated with heels, providing underhanded assistance or manipulating outcomes. Introducing a manager for Rhodes might challenge traditional dynamics, but it could also offer new storytelling opportunities.

The potential addition of a manager raises the question: Does Cody Rhodes need one? His promos are generally well-received, yet there are criticisms. His elaborate speeches and complex narratives sometimes alienate fans, suggesting that a manager could streamline his message and enhance his connection with the WWE Universe.

Addressing Promo Challenges and Decision-Making

Rhodes’ promos, while passionate, sometimes veer into overly intricate territory. His use of sophisticated language and layered stories can come across as arrogant or disconnected from the audience. Simplifying his approach could prove beneficial, especially considering recent questionable decisions. For instance, Rhodes prematurely announced his WrestleMania main event and later signed away his right to contend for the United States Championship. These actions risk undermining his character’s credibility.

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A manager could serve as a stabilising force, helping Rhodes navigate these pitfalls and maintain his stature. This role would not only support his in-ring persona but also provide strategic guidance, ensuring his actions align with his character’s long-term goals.

Potential Candidates for the Role

The next logical question is who would be suitable to manage Cody Rhodes? The obvious choice might be his wife, Brandi Rhodes, given their established chemistry and her previous managerial experience. However, WWE might look for fresh faces to bring new dynamics to Rhodes’ storyline.

There are several intriguing possibilities within WWE’s roster of talent and legends. A manager with a storied history or one with strong mic skills could complement Rhodes, elevating his title run and adding depth to his character.


Cody Rhodes’ consideration of adding a manager during his title reign marks an intriguing shift in his WWE journey. While unconventional for a babyface, this move could address existing challenges in his promos and decision-making. The right manager could enhance his connection with fans and provide strategic support, making his title reign even more compelling. As WWE fans await further developments, one thing is certain: Cody Rhodes is poised to keep them on their toes.

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