Report: WWE Star’s Injury Sparks Concern on SmackDown

Cody Rhodes Responds Cryptically About Rumoured SmackDown Injury

In a recent episode of SmackDown, a moment of tension unfurled in the ring, raising eyebrows and concerns alike regarding Cody Rhodes’ physical condition. During a crucial encounter with Carmelo Hayes, Rhodes appeared to sustain a shoulder injury, igniting speculation across the WWE fandom about his fitness.

Speculation Fuels Concern at SmackDown

The incident occurred in the main event, where Rhodes and Hayes attempted a synchronised mid-rope Cutter—a manoeuvre that didn’t go as planned. Rhodes landed awkwardly, clutching his shoulder, which immediately sparked a debate among viewers: was this merely part of the act, or had Rhodes actually sustained an injury? This question became the focal point of discussions, with opinions divided between those who saw it as a storyline enhancement and others genuinely concerned for his health.

Rhodes’ Enigmatic Response

Seeking clarity, Fightful Select reached out to Rhodes, receiving a response that did little to shed light on the situation. “Speaking of the main event, we reached out to Cody Rhodes to ask if he was okay, and he said ‘always,’ but that isn’t exactly a definitive update.” This cryptic reply left fans puzzled, unsure if Rhodes was downplaying a possible injury or affirming his resilience.

Controversy Over the Cody Cutter

Amidst this uncertainty, the Cody Cutter—Rhodes’ contentious move—has come under scrutiny. Critics on social media have questioned not only the aesthetics of the move but also its safety, suggesting that it poses an unnecessary risk. The botched execution on SmackDown has only amplified these concerns, with some fans and commentators suggesting that Rhodes might consider retiring the move to prevent future injuries.


Optimism Despite the Odds

Despite the ambiguity of his condition, Rhodes’ comment hints at a positive outlook. “I’m always OK,” suggests a determination to continue competing, regardless of minor setbacks. This resilience is characteristic of Rhodes, who has previously overcome significant injuries without substantial time away from the ring.

In conclusion, while the full extent of Rhodes’ condition remains unclear, his brief comment indicates a readiness to move forward, likely keeping him in the WWE spotlight without delay. As the story develops, fans will eagerly await more definitive updates, hoping that any injury is less severe than feared and that the iconic Cody Cutter will see a safer execution in future bouts.

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