Report: WWE Star Yet to Sign Extension – Time Running Out

Becky Lynch’s WWE Deal Nearing Expiry: Will She Sign an Extension?

The world of WWE is buzzing with speculation as Becky Lynch, one of its biggest stars, approaches the end of her current deal. Despite months of anticipation, The Man has yet to commit her immediate future to WWE, leaving fans and insiders alike on edge.

Lynch’s Contract Nears Expiry

According to a report from Fightful Select, Becky Lynch’s WWE contract expires in just three weeks. While negotiations are ongoing, no extension has been signed yet, and the clock is ticking. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp suggests that Lynch could become the highest-paid female wrestler in WWE history if a new deal is reached, surpassing the record set by Charlotte Flair with her own lucrative contract signed at the end of 2023.

Lynch and Flair, once close friends, now share a well-documented animosity that has spilled over into their on-screen personas. The potential for Lynch to earn more than Flair adds an intriguing layer to these negotiations, with both professional and personal stakes in play.

Implications of Non-Signing

Despite the looming deadline, it seems unlikely that WWE would allow Lynch to become a free agent. Currently holding the Women’s World Championship, Lynch is set to defend her title against Liv Morgan at the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring event. This match, scheduled before her contract’s expiry, provides WWE with an opportunity to have Lynch drop the title if an extension is not agreed upon.

Much like the recent contract renewals of Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre, Lynch’s situation appears to be a matter of when, not if, she signs a new deal. The possibility of her not re-signing feels remote, especially given her status and influence within the company. However, there is always the chance that negotiations could falter, particularly if Lynch is considering a break from wrestling.

Potential Break and Its Impact

Lynch was originally scheduled to take a hiatus after WrestleMania but returned to action after Rhea Ripley sustained an injury. This unexpected return might have influenced the current state of negotiations, with Lynch possibly contemplating a much-needed break. If this is the case, it could explain the delay in finalising a new contract, as both parties navigate the timing and terms of such an arrangement.


Should Lynch decide to take time off, WWE would need to prepare for the transition, ensuring that the Women’s World Championship remains a focal point. Dropping the title before her contract ends would be a strategic move to maintain continuity and storyline progression.


As the deadline approaches, the wrestling world watches with bated breath to see if Becky Lynch will secure her place in WWE’s future. Her potential to become the highest-paid female wrestler in history underscores her value and influence in the company. With negotiations in full swing, it’s a pivotal moment for both Lynch and WWE.

Whether she signs an extension or takes a break, Lynch’s next steps will significantly impact the landscape of women’s wrestling. The anticipation continues to build, but one thing is clear: Becky Lynch’s star power and legacy are undeniable, and her decision will shape the future of WWE’s women’s division.

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