Report: UFC Veteran Quips at Star’s Exit from UFC 303

Rafael Dos Anjos Responds to Conor McGregor’s UFC 303 Withdrawal

Rafael dos Anjos, the former UFC lightweight champion, has recently found a moment of poetic justice. He delivered a sharp retort to Conor McGregor, who has pulled out of UFC 303 due to injury, echoing a situation from eight years ago when roles were reversed.

Historical Echoes of UFC 196

In 2016, dos Anjos faced a similar fate when he had to withdraw from a much-anticipated fight against McGregor at UFC 196 because of a broken foot. At the time, McGregor openly doubted the severity of dos Anjos’ injury, offering a scathing comment: “Did you see it? It’s a bruise,” McGregor had said. “Ice, ibuprofen. If I jumped under an X-ray, the doctor would slap me and say what are you doing, kid? Get out of here. Stop this! If you show up, you fight, you’re in, congratulations. You did it.”

Dos Anjos’ Turn for a Witty Rejoinder

With the tables turned, dos Anjos seized the opportunity to mock McGregor’s current predicament, suggesting his injury was minor and cheekily advising, “It’s just a bruise. Take some ibuprofen.” This clapback has been long in the making, simmering since their cancelled bout, which left fans worldwide disappointed and the fighters with unfinished business.

Ongoing Impact on UFC 303

McGregor’s withdrawal has stirred up considerable disruption for UFC 303, with his scheduled fight against Michael Chandler being called off. McGregor, known for his previous swift comebacks, explained the withdrawal with a nod to his health and consultation with professionals: “Very tough to be ruled out of my scheduled return bout. I picked up an injury prior to the press conference that required more time to heal than was available to me. The decision to postpone the fight was not made lightly, but one made in consultation with my doctors, the UFC, and my team.”

Currently, the UFC has yet to announce any definitive plans regarding McGregor’s return to the octagon or the potential rescheduling of the Chandler fight.

This recent exchange between dos Anjos and McGregor not only revives their longstanding rivalry but also highlights the unpredictable nature of combat sports, where fortunes can turn with a single injury.

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