Report: UFC 303 Sees Star Fighter Earning More Than Ever Before

UFC 303 Sets Stage for Alex Pereira’s Record Purse

As the UFC 303 spectacle looms this Saturday, Alex Pereira, the dynamic two-division champion of the UFC, has revealed that this fight will mark the highest earnings of his career thus far. As anticipation builds, the light heavyweight champion is not just fighting for another title but also for what he describes as a life-changing purse.

Stepping Up to the Challenge

Pereira’s journey back to the octagon comes just two months after his victorious short-notice bout against former champion Jamahal Hill, adding yet another knockout to his impressive UFC résumé. Despite a challenging entrance at UFC 300, where he fought with a broken toe, and sustained another injury during the fight, Pereira’s resilience shines through as he prepares to replace Conor McGregor in a much-anticipated fight against Michael Chandler.


A Landmark Earning Opportunity

In a recent interview with for The Sportster, Pereira, also known as Poatan, detailed the circumstances surrounding his upcoming payout at UFC 303. “This is for sure the best purse that we have negotiated this far, due to all the circumstances around it, like I said that’s another reason for me to see it as another great opportunity for me, it’s going to continue changing my life and I worked in a tyre shop for 14 years so you know if you put together everything I made working at the tyre shop, I tried to calculate it a little bit and it’s about half a per cent of what the [purse] is.”

While the exact figures remain undisclosed, the comparison with his previous earnings hints at the monumental scale of his UFC 303 paycheck.

Pay-Per-View: The Golden Goose

Throughout his UFC tenure, Pereira has not publicly disclosed his fight purses. However, his participation in four major pay-per-view events, where he defended his titles, likely contributed significantly to his financial windfalls. His past defences, including the memorable rematch against Israel Adesanya and the bout against Jamahal Hill at UFC 300, have solidified his standing within the sport and with the UFC brass, including CEO Dana White.


The engaging and ever-ready fighting style of Pereira has endeared him to fans and executives alike, enhancing his marketability and paving the way for lucrative paydays. According to The Sportster, Pereira’s earnings for this fight are estimated at around $3 million, not counting additional bonuses and PPV points.

As UFC 303 approaches, the stakes are incredibly high not only in the octagon but also in the financial statements for Alex Pereira, setting the stage for a monumental night in his career. The event, pivotal for both his legacy and his purse, promises to be a turning point, showcasing the immense rewards that come from facing challenges head-on in the high-stakes world of the UFC.

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